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Immortal Begrudged

Commercials. I had no idea football players loved soup so much. It must be, like, their official food and drink.

Kent Farm. The cows are back from their break. In the dining area, Lana is putting pretty flowers into pots. Nice, uh...helping the meteor-infected, there, Lana. Clark enters the room. Lana says she heard the police shut down BCE Clinic and that Curtis Knox went AWOL. She asks if Clark had anything to do with that. Clark says glumly that he was killing his patients and that Chloe's story got her in over her head. Over her chest, too! Lana asks if she's all right. Clark says there's not a lot that can keep her down. Like when you kick her in the teeth over and over again for six seasons? Girl doesn't go down. Lana says they're all lucky (including Chloe) to have someone like Clark in their lives. We should all make Clark pancakes. Lana smiles. Clark's mood darkens. Lana asks what's wrong. Clark reveals that Lex helped him with finding Knox. Lana says Lex must have an ulterior motive. Clark says Lex told him Lana stole $10 million. Lana takes a long time to look worried and tell Clark that Lex is trying to destroy what she and Clark have. Right. Now, about that $10 million...that money can buy a lot of new tractors, you know. Clark gives her the stink-eye. Lana says that money was part of the divorce settlement. (Liar!) Lana adds that she's using that money to help the meteor-infected who've been hurt by LuthorCorp. She asks Clark not to let Lex's lies come between them. But what about Lana's lies? They hug. Lana tells him she'd never hide anything from Clark. But she looks really worried. Clark makes his face hard.

Sad music plays. We go to Metropolis. We see an office door to a Room 618. Lana enters and turns on a light. It's a big, cavernous room. Lana goes through some double doors in what looks like a private eye's office. And maybe it is. Lana keeps walking until she reaches a giant control center with seven big flat-screen monitors creating a ridiculous computer array. The monitors are displaying security footage from Stately Luthor Manor. Lana sits down in front of a circular keyboard console where a smaller monitor sits nearby showing vital stats of I-don't-know-what. Lana is watching Lex in his office. Who's the creepy, paranoid rich person now? Did Lex's evil taint Lana? Ha. I said "taint."

As the song by Missy Higgins continues to play, we watch Jimmy absently brushing the lens of his camera with a little brush. He's at his computer at The Daily Planet. Chloe walks in. Jimmy is surprised to see her. "Remember me?" he asks. He's wearing his weird brown vintage shirt. Chloe does. Jimmy brings up the letter Chloe wrote. He tells her he brought something to show her why they belong together. It's a cigar box full of mementos. There's a cocktail napkin where Chloe write down her phone number at a Fourth of July party. There's a strip of pictures from a photo booth they took at the Granville Carnival. Chloe says it was the best first date ever. Jimmy pulls out a piece of glass he says is his favorite. It's a piece of stained glass from the weird earthquake at work last year. Chloe doesn't get that one. Jimmy explains that they lost touch for a long time and that it was the day they bumped into each other, and that for him, the world shook. Awww. He claims that it was a sign. Chloe apologizes for all the craziness she's put him through recently. Jimmy says they should just agree for things to be normal in the future. Chloe says sadly that she doesn't think she can make Jimmy that promise. She says she doesn't think things will ever be normal between the two of them. Just tell him! Jimmy stands. He's upset. Chloe watches him. Jimmy asks if this is about Kara. Chloe doesn't answer right away. Jimmy complains that Chloe has run off to help Clark a lot and he'd hate to think Chloe is holding it against him that he helped Kara once. Chloe finally says it's not that. "This is entirely me," Chloe says. She stands. Jimmy asks what's going on. "Um," Chloe says, unable to speak. Jimmy asks her to try sign language or subtitles if she can't say it. Chloe tears up. "I can't. I'm sorry," she says. Jimmy says he's trying really, really hard to be the understanding boyfriend, but that there's only so much a guy can take. Chloe doesn't know what to say. Jimmy says maybe the earthquake wasn't a sign. He says maybe it was a fluke, just like this relationship. Chloe rolls her eyes sadly. "Maybe you're right," she says, her chin quivering. Jimmy shakes his head. He says he can't do this anymore. He's close to crying, too. He leaves the room. He walks out in slow motion as Chloe watches him go. Hey, Jimmy. That's your office. You're gonna have to come back at some point. We go to black as the sad song concludes.

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