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Immortal Begrudged

A very old building in what appears to be downtown Metropolis. Inside, Knox is playing an album of classical music on a very cool-looking old phonograph. He strides across the exquisitely candle-lit room to a canopy bed. A pretty woman lies on the bed, asleep. "I have good news my love," Knox says. I got a guest-starring role on a prime-time show. The bad news, though, is that it's on the CW. On a Thursday night. We pan across a bunch of beakers connected by tubes. They seem to be filled with liquid Kryptonite. Knox tells the sleeping woman that he's found another piece of the puzzle. A pump in glass is moving nearby. Knox kisses the woman's forehead. He goes back across the room and puts on a very heavy brown apron in front of a full-length mirror. In the mirror, we see Sasha tied to a stretcher, struggling. Knox approaches her. He taps at her belly and tells her to relax. He says she's here to serve a greater purpose. Sasha whimpers. We gaze across Knox's very scary array of sharp knives and scalpels. He picks one near the end. Creeeeeepy-man!

Cut to Chloe at The Daily Planet. She's looking at a web page that features a bio of Dr. Knox. It's on Apparently, he works for BCE Clinics. Jimmy comes in, asking if Chloe is ready to rock. He asks if she wants to get food at Chang's on the way (P.F. Chang's?) or get chili dogs at the arena. For, uh...for what band? Chloe knows Jimmy spent a lot of money on these tickets, but she can't go. She asks if she's the worst girlfriend in the world if she asks for a rain check. Oh, sure. Jimmy will just call the (anonymous) band and ask them to move the concert to a day that's more convenient for Chloe. Totally fine! Just keep being an awesome girlfriend. Chloe promises to make it up to Jimmy. She says she's chasing a lead on someone who's meteor-challenged. Jimmy asks if this can't wait until tomorrow. It totally can. Jimmy complains that everything is about meteor freaks lately. Chloe is a little offended by the terminology. Jimmy plows ahead, saying that if those "freaks" were in Belle Reve, maybe he'd get to see Chloe once in a while. He walks away.

Chloe stands there as a gust of wind blows her hair back. It's Clark. What if Jimmy had been standing right there? Clark tells Chloe that he needs her help with something. Chloe complains that Clark needs a bell around his neck so she'll know he's coming. Clark barks orders, trying to get Chloe to help with the crystal search. Chloe blows Clark off: she says he's going to have to fly solo on this one. Clark tells her this is important. "I'm sure it is," she tells him, "I'm sure that from Mt. Olympus, the view must look like us mere mortals have nothing better to do than to help you look for your crystal," but that she has important stuff to do, too. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or suck it. Or connect it to a water hose and drink it. Sucka! Clark watches helplessly as Chloe walks way.

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