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Immortal Begrudged

Metropolis. Dr. Knox, wearing a lab coat, enters his exam room. He asks Chloe how he can help her. "I'm a meteor freak. And...I want to be cured," she tells him. Drama!

Commercials. People love their damned iPhones. Someday I will be one of those people.

Kent Farm. The cows are off-camera, at the craft services table. Lana is typing on a laptop up in the loft. She's using the worst instant-messaging client ever, one that opens up a new window for every message sent or received. The top window says, "Hope Metropolis location met your approval." Lana types, "Perfect. Money being wired." Clark comes in. Lana makes all the million little stupid windows disappear. Lana, seriously. You of all people need a Mac. Clark apologizes to her for the "clash of the Titans" that morning. And for not eating her parents. I mean, pancakes. Lana says Clark's home early from trying to find the crystal. Clark asks if Chloe has opened up to Lana about anything. Have the two of them even seen each other? Lana says that Chloe's been working 24/7 to impress her new "Wonderboy editor." I call him Boy Editor for short. Clark mentions that Chloe is doing research on Dr. Knox. "Curtis Knox?" Lana asks. Lana says he's a neurosurgeon, and that she heard a rumor he's helping meteor-infected people. Clark asks how Lana knows all this. She says she's been doing her own research and that the people who've been hurt by Lex need help. She wants to do what she can. Lana tells Clark that Knox is doing brain surgery to remove the meteor freaks' powers. Clark says this explains a lot. Lana says a headline like this could change Chloe's life. "Yeah," Clark agrees, not bothering to elaborate.

Daily Planet. Jimmy is selling his concert tickets to a guy he's standing with on the stairs. He tells the potential buyer that if the seats were any closer, he'd be arrested for stalking the band. Which band, now? "I'm scorin' big points with the boyfriend," the guy tells Jimmy. "Ring that bell," the guy says, and holds up a fist for Jimmy. Jimmy reluctantly seals the deal. That guy's openly gay! Nice one, show! It's the Gayest Dap of the Episode. Kara comes down the stairs just as Jimmy is stewing in a big pot of hetero-dating jealousy. She's wearing an extremely tight red top with lots of cleavage. She calls out for "James." They just let her in the building, too? She doesn't even have any Earth ID. She asks if Jimmy has seen Lois. She was sent to the City Of Angels to get a quote for the DUI of the week, Jimmy tells her. Lois gets to travel on the company dime already? Kara asks about the spaceship videotape that Lois had shot. She tells Jimmy she's an E.T. junkie. Jimmy's impressed. He tells her he used to sit in the backyard and try to pick up Martian signals on his HAM radio. Kara says Martians use infrared. Jimmy laughs that one off. He tells her the stuff Lois shot was nothing but static. Kara thinks Jimmy's so smart that he might be able to extract something useful. Jimmy is flattered, broke, and almost single. He promises to try to crunch a few pixels. Kara says, "You are my hero." She writes down her cell number for Jimmy and says she'll be here in a blink when he calls. She kisses him on the cheek. Li'l Jimmy is rock-hard.

Chloe's apartment. She's putting the finishing touches on a plain white envelope that says "Jimmy" on the front in huge letters. Clark appears, not having knocked. He asks how Chloe's article about Dr. Knox is going. Chloe lies that she doesn't think there's a story there. Clark calls her a liar and says she's gotten good at lying by keeping his secret. Clark thinks Chloe wants the procedure for herself. Chloe says she's already planning on having the surgery by the end of the week. Clark warns her that she doesn't know anything about the doctor. For all she knows, he could have been on some previous TV show playing Superman! Chloe says it's her one shot at having a normal life. Clark doesn't think brain surgery is the way to do that. He thinks years of horrible repression, self-doubt and blue balls are a better path.

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