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Immortal Begrudged

Knox starts to cut into Chloe's chest, just above her bra. Chloe yelps. We see a small bead of dark blood. Clark whooshes into the room, grabs Knox and swings him back across the room, knocking furniture over. Clark tries to untie Chloe, but the nearby Kryptonite vials are making him queasy. Knox picks up a handy nearby antique axe. Hey, Clark! I'd like to axe you something! Knox says that Clark may have powers, but that he's met his match. They clash. Clark, weakened, has trouble holding that axe back. He vows not to let Knox kill anyone else. Knox grunts and says that he'd kill a thousand more to never have to be alone. He smacks Clark in the face with the axe handle. Knox says that Clark has no idea what it's like to live centuries and watch the women you love grow old and turn to dust. He comes at Clark with the axe pointed horizontally at his face (er, dude...I know you're way older than me and I hate to tell you your business, but that's not how you swing an axe). We see a very weird slow-motion effect as he does so. Clark dodges as the axe goes into the wall and gets stuck there. "You and I are more alike than you think," Clark says. Clark is also an insane killer? "I won't go through it again!" Knox yells as he swings the axe for real this time. Instead, he breaks his own damn machinery. Knox realizes what he just did. We hear a flatline. "My God. What have I done? No, no, no!" he says. He goes over to Sophia. She's dying. Chloe pushes away the cart holding all the Kryptonite vials. They lose their glow. Chloe's chest is magically un-bloodied. Maybe she healed herself. She covers up her exposed bosoms. Clark stands. He and Chloe exchange a look. "No," Knox moans, holding his woman's face. "Please, look at me," he says. She dies. He cries. Clark...does not fly. Knox gives Clark an anguished look. The tears fall down his face. Come back soon, Dean Cain! You were so damned good in this episode.

The Barnness of WhatDidWeLearnThisWeekitude. Clark is still working on that ancient broken tractor. In his toolbox, he finds an old picture of Lana wearing her horse-riding gear. She looks about twelve. Clark dusts it off and smiles. We hear a loud whoosh. Martian Manhunter is standing there. Clark asks what he did with Knox. "Your father and I had a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy when it came to crime and punishment," says MM. Wow, I wish I hadn't sold my HoYay Meter on eBay last year. I really didn't think we needed it anymore. Anyway, Clark knows all about that policy. Or at least he used to. Clark agrees not to ask questions. Then he breaks the policy. "You didn't kill him, did you?" he asks. Don't ask, don't tell, dude! MM says that you can't kill Knox. He's immortal. MM says that Clark will outlive all the people here who he loves. He says that when those people are gone, Clark still has a destiny to fulfill. He asks if Clark has found the crystal. Clark says he got sidetracked. "What is red-eyes still doing here?" Kara asks. She's standing on the stairs. Kara insists that Martian Manhunter is the one who can't be trusted. He glowers. Kara asks him to tell Clark what he did to her family. "Your father was a traitor," MM says. Kara doesn't believe it. Kara asks who Clark is gonna believe: family or "this Martian Manhunter?" Clark doesn't answer. Kara says she guesses this family reunion is over. She turns and flies out of the loft window, spiraling like a football. Clark blinks.

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