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Metropolis at night. Ah, opera music through the rest of the episode. Papa Luthor is handing an envelope of cash to the thug who was blackmailing MamaKent. It looks pretty thin. The man takes the money and nods to Papa Luthor. Papa, in harsh overhead light, sits down at his desk.

Kent home. We zoom along the sunflowers in the front yard. Inside, MamaKent sits by the fireplace. She looks lovingly at a framed photo of Bo Duke. She puts it down and takes the DVD in her hand.

Papa Luthor's office. He stares at a laptop screen.

Fireplace. MamaKent looks at the DVD. She drops it into the fire. She watches as the disc melts. She cries, but looks satisfied.

Papa at the computer. The aria reaches a crescendo. "Your safe with me," Papa says quietly. On the screen, we see Lana engulfed by a fireball. Clark suddenly appears, carrying her away and toward the security camera. We stare into Papa Luthor's face as he says, "Kal-El." And we go to black. Ooh, chills.

Next week: I'm on vacation, bitches! See you in early April. Be good and have a nice spring break.

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