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Kent Farm at night. Lana is in the barn, looking for Bionic Brother. He shows up next to her unexpectedly, scaring her. He apologizes. Lana tells him that Clark went to go talk to Lex. BB wonders if he should go have a talk with Lex Luthor himself. With Clark still there? Dude, that would be hot. Lana tells BB that Lex has done some things she hasn't liked in the past, but that she can't believe Lex would have any part of this. "He's different," Lana says. BB says that at least he has a choice. Then Lana says that BB has a choice about whether he should lie to the woman he loves. This is like three different conversations happening at the same time, none of them that interesting. Lana says that's why she's there. Because she's projecting. BB says that Katherine was what kept him going during all his time in the lab. Lana's heart breaks as BB describes how much he missed holding his girl. Sappy music plays. BB starts to leave, and Lana asks where he's going. He says he's going to go find Katherine. He's not sure what he'll tell her, but -- uh oh. A green beam settles on Bionic Brother's chest. A soldier fires. BB gets shot in the shoulder. He falls and screams. Lana goes to help, but a soldier grabs her, spins her 'round, and then punches her in the face. Whoa! Is his name Private Stompy? Lana hits the ground -- unconscious, of course. "Target acquired," says another soldier. But he speaks too soon, because Clark shows up, grabbing him and tossing him at the other soldier. Clark ignores BB and goes to help Lana. She's fine. "That makes one of us," says BB. His shoulder is bleeding black liquid.

A dark apartment at The Talon. Clark says they won't be looking for Bionic Brother there, and that Lois won't be back until the next day. She's at boob camp. BB apologizes to Clark for bringing all this craziness into his life. Clark says it's cool. BB says that his shoulder isn't something you can just put some duct tape on. He rolls up his sleeve and rips the flesh off his shoulder. It comes of in a gross peel. BB says that all of his machinery is connected, and that the goop coming it out is from his power cell. He says that, if it keeps draining, he's a dead man. Dramatic looks. Get him some Duracells, stat!

Commercials. Folgers crystals. For people who like the idea of coffee, but aren't really willing to pay for it.

If you're just joining us...dude's made of metal.

The moon and a flyover of The Daily Planet, this time minus that pesky helicopter. I guess the pilot got the week off. Chloe is telling Clark that her probing exposé on jaywalkers can wait as they look for a doctor to help Bionic Brother. Clark says that they'd better hurry, because they don't know how much time he has left. Good thing you left him alone with Lana the Idiot in Smallville. Chloe is dubious that Lex was behind the barn assault. She doesn't think sending snipers in directly is Lex's style. Clark says that Lex's style has changed. And it's no longer doggy. Whoa, Chloe's chloevage is coming right at me! God bless big-screen TV technology. Clark thinks that Lex is lying. Chloe, backing through a door to another abandoned part of the Planet's news operations, says that the lead scientist on the "Machina" project has a history of burning bridges. With his mind? She says that Dr. Kreig (Scientific Suit) got fired from MIT and Stanford for doing "ethically challenged" research. Clark wonders if the scientist is doing the same thing to Lex. Clark brushes all that aside in favor of searching for the scientist who freed BB earlier. Chloe finds six "Hong"s with MDs in Metropolis. She crosses off the OB/GYN, and they narrow the list down to a bioengineer.

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