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Subject: Your Imminent Death

Molly goes back to work after Lex leaves. Hey, I see a pretty green computer! It's Chloe's Alienware machine! The woman puts on her Lisa Loeb glasses and immediately loses my interest. She unscrews something from the computer. It's a hard drive. She removes the cable and the desktop image on the screen goes blank. She took out a hard drive while the computer was on? Boy, my inner geek is really coming out in this recap, huh? "Property of Smallville High," reads a label on the hard drive.

Smallville High parking lot. Chloe goes inside and finds Pete in the offices of The Torch. "Welcome to The Torch: Unplugged," he says. Chloe asks what happened to the computers. They're missing. Pete says that Luthorcorp deliverymen stopped in and took the computers back. Chloe moans that they were donated. "Yeah, well, I guess the Grinch changed his mind," says Pete. So few lines for so long have made you a bitter young man, Pete. Pete also says unhelpfully that some girl stopped by but didn't leave a name. Awesome, Pete. See ya next week. Maybe. Chloe's not happy.

Chloe walks outside and into the parking lot. A truck in the background skids onto the area in front of the school entrance. It's a red pick-up truck. It revs. It starts to chase Chloe. She runs. The truck busts through a park bench and a trashcan as Chloe tries to outrun it through the parking lot. Run, run, run, chase. Slow-motion Chloe! Chloe slips and falls and the truck runs over her and hits a van with a big Crows logo painted on its side. Chloe seems to have escaped injury by falling at just the right time. She rolls out from under the truck, dazed. Homegirl is scared. The truck door opens. Someone gets out. Chloe looks up to see who it is. It's Clark. "Chloe?" he asks. Close-up on his confused face.

Opening credits. "Hello. I'm Sam Jones III and I need more work. Call my agent."

Commercials. What I Like About You? That you don't watch What I Like About You.

Smallville Medical Center. One Billion Truck Accident Victims Served. It must be attempted murder, because Sheriff Cheshire is on the case. She's in a hospital room with Chloe and Clark. I'm not even freaked out by how dark these hospital rooms are anymore. Clark is submitting to a breathalyzer test. He's not used to anyone but Lex telling him to blow. Clark says the last thing he remembers was that he was at the library. Clark at the library? That's not much of an alibi there, buddy. Cheshire says that Clark is stone sober. Cheshire turns on Chloe and asks if she can shed any light on Clark's story. Chloe's arm is being bandaged up. "You mean the part where I wasn't eating pavement?" she asks. Chloe starts to say something, but stops herself as she looks at Clark. Who wouldn't lie for a face like that? Chloe stutters that it looked like Clark lost control of his truck. Cheshire looks at Clark. Clark looks at the boom mic. "Well, Mr. Kent," says Cheshire, "your family sure has its way of going through vehicles." Ha! Observational comedy. "Chloe?" Clark says, trying to get Chloe to tell the real story. "Is that all you need from Clark?" Chloe asks Cheshire, cutting him off. Chloe would be an excellent bride to someone on trial. Cheshire tells Clark to go on home while she continues questioning Chloe. Clark goes, but gives Chloe a long grateful look from the hospital hallway.

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