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Farewell, Sweet Bastard

Clark at The Daily Planet. He uses his superhearing (finally, a power!) to hear Jimmy's incessant blabbing. Oh, God, no, shut it off, shut it off! The camera spins around Clark, which is just a lot of visual information for simple extrasensory hearing. We cut to Clark easily opening the doors of the freezer. Jimmy has fallen unconscious suddenly. Clark sees him and Lois lying on the floor together. Clark uses his eyejaculation to blast them with heat. Also, their clothes are now wrinkle-free. Lois wakes up. Clark zips out before Jimmy can open his eyes. Jimmy looks around. It's a freezer miracle!

A city street, outside Isis. The Baroness calls Lex to leave a message. She tells him to call back. She says she knows who The Traveler is. She goes to her car, but somebody is there, outside, waiting. She gets grabbed from behind and an older-looking man sprays something from an inhaler into her mouth, twice. Her body twitches. Her glasses fall on the street. The man pushes her into the driver's seat. She's awake, but immobile. He sits her down, puts the seat belt on her. He turns on the car. Va-Gina twitches. Suddenly, she stops breathing. The man carefully puts the glasses on her face. We zoom in on her open eye as we go to commercial. Is she dead? I would think so, but who knows.

Commercials. More Gossip Girl? Desperate!

Stately Luthor Manor. It's almost dawn. Lex is sitting upstairs in the library, talking on the phone. He tells someone that after the funeral, he plans to take some time off. "Get the jet ready," he says. Is he leaving a message for Va-Gina? "Zurich," he tells the person. Lex closes his phone. He sighs. "You can't run away, Lex," Li'l Lex tells him. The boy is standing in front of him. He tells Lex that no matter where Lex runs, he'll always be there. "You can't get rid of me," the boy says, very seriously. Lex winces. The boy says Lex needs his help. He says he knows there's still good inside of Lex. Lex leans forward and says, "I don't want your help." Very quietly and very sadly, the boy says, "Don't go to Zurich." Lex says he's going. He has to. As Lex stands up to go, Li'l Lex tells him that Papa Luthor was right. He thinks what's in the box will destroy Lex. Lex turns and says it's all he has left. Li'l Lex, adorable in that suit, says it's not true. They stare at each other. "You still have me," Li'l Lex says, a tiny smile playing on his lips. Scary music. Lex says, "No." He says he's done listening to Li'l Lex. Lex quickly rushes forward, grabs the boy, and drags him down the stairs. Li'l Lex kicks and punches. Lex takes him close to the fireplace. "You make me weak," Lex tells him. He eyes are wide and wild. Li'l Lex finally shows some fear. Lex holds the boy, head-first, into the fire. There's a bright flash and something like a mist. The boy is gone. Lex looks startled. He doesn't check his hands for burns. Lex just stares into the fire. Goodbye, Li'l Lex. You were an adorable little piece of Lex's soul.

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