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Farewell, Sweet Bastard

Kent Farm, morning. Clark, in the barn loft, looks at a photo of Bo Duke. He also looks down, glumly, at the Hexagonal Tubular Film Projector. Clark notices Chloe coming up the stairs. "Long night," she says. Yeah, it lasted a few episodes, huh? She says it's nice to see the sun again. Clark says it's too bad Papa Luthor's not there to see it. Chloe tells Clark that Lex closed to funeral to "Any and all" guests. She says nobody is invited except Lex. No priest? Clark says that Papa Luthor deserved better. Chloe says that at least they knew how Papa Luthor felt about Clark: that he thought of him as a second son. Still no good explanation of why someone who really felt that way would stick Clark in a Kryptonite box. Clark says that another person who treated him like a son died because of it. Clark says Jarnelle died getting him on the ship to Earth. Bo Duke died of a heart attack because of the powers he took on to protect Clark. Now Papa Luthor has died protecting his secret. Yeah, I guess there's a pattern. Neat. Chloe says that those men died not just for Clark but for all of us. She says each of them added something to the man that Clark is today. What did Papa Luthor add to Clark, exactly? Clark, choked up, wonders how someone could murder his own father. "Total absence of love," Chloe says, "some say that's the definition of evil." Chloe tells Clark that he has to get the keys away from Lex before he can kill anyone else. "He's not gonna have a chance," Clark says, "I won't let him." Finally. He stops being mopey for a second.

A cemetery with very green grass. Like the show, there are way too many redundant, simple plots out here. The cemetery is in view of the Metropolis skyline. We can see the Planet building with the Luthorcorp building right behind it. Lex stands at his father's grave. Clark, wearing a dark suit, walks up. No security out here, either? No press? What the fuck, Lex? Clark and Lex stand on opposite sides of the grave. Lex stares at Clark. Clark just stares at the grave. Lex eyes Clark. Clark finally looks up to meet his gaze. Blue Steel! Lex has a tiny, tiny smile on his mouth. He walks past Clark without a word. Overhead shot of Clark and the simple grave and coffin. Clark picks up a handful of dirt, raises it high and drops the dirt on the coffin. This dirt is for my homie. Because I forgot to bring a 40. Extreme close-up on Clark's face. He is sad, but stoic. Wide shot of the cemetery. A ray of sunlight hits the lawn. We go to black.

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