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Farewell, Sweet Bastard

Daily Planet. Jimmy is in his photo archive office and he's smiling about something. Lois walks in, talking a bunch of bullshit about how death follows the Luthors around like a stray puppy. Jimmy tries to say something, but Lois interrupts him to blather on about how she wanted to search LuthorCorp the night before (illegally, I might add) but Jimmy had the idea that they should stay and search Lex's office instead (also illegal, and fireable). Lois complains that while they were here, the story of a lifetime was happening across the street. Jimmy tries to talk again because he's got something. He asks Lois to take a look at the view from one of his shots of Lex's office. The photo shows Lois standing behind Lex's desk, searching. She thinks Jimmy is looking at her and tells him the schoolboy crush is cute, but that they have to focus. I just want to take this scene and claw my eyes out with it. Jimmy says they have a picture that proves something. He mentions that Lex's office looks out over Luthorcorp. Jimmy zooms in on the photo. Over Lois's shoulder, he captured the moment when Papa Luthor was falling out of the window. "No way!" Lois says. She says it's creepy. Jimmy says it's about to get creepier. He zooms in some more and he can make out another person in the office. He says Papa Luthor may have been pushed. Lois isn't impressed by a blurry blob of pixels. Jimmy says this has "Pulitzer" written all over it. Right next to the words, "This will not win a..." Lois smiles, going along with Jimmy's ill-advised enthusiasm. Lois tells him to sharpen the shot. Jimmy says he can't because his computer's not that powerful. I'm sure there's a computer in the building that is that powerful. It's a publishing company, isn't it? Lois asks about the "Heavy duty hardware" that Lana has at the Isis Foundation. Jimmy says he can upload the image to Lana's server (she just allows open access like that; I mean, before she was a zombie?). He thinks Chloe's mad CPU skills can help, too. "That is, if we can pry her away from Clark," he says, dickishly. Yeah, it's all about that, isn't it? Not about solving a murder. Lois puts a hand on his shoulder and leans in close to say that Chloe shares the same DNA (but not much). "She's going to want to be in on this," Lois tells him. We see the zoomed-in photo. Papa Luthor has his arms out and is definitely falling. We can't see the person in the window too well, but there's definitely a shape there.

Elsewhere in the building, Chloe is walking to her desk. The basement is pretty empty. Chloe takes off her coat and sits at her desk. She rummages through her top drawer and finds a small piece of folded-up paper. There's a Kryptonian symbol on it, hand-written. It's the Superman crest with an "8" inside. A key has fallen out. It's the key from the locket. In a profile view of Chloe, we see Lex coming down the stairs in the background. He can probably see Chloe very clearly from where he's walking. Chloe notices and throws the key into that top drawer, closing it quickly. She goes to a paper shredder and throws the paper into it. She turns and Lex is right behind her, not pleased. Chloe says she's sorry about his father. Lex nods and thanks her. He says Papa visited Chloe that night. She says Papa really wasn't himself. Lex says that in Papa's deluded state of mind, he might have disposed of some family heirlooms. So hand over any precious jewels you may have or any opera CDs. He asks if Papa gave her anything. She says he only gave her a feeling that something was off. All right, hand over the feeling, then. Chloe walks away as she says that last bit, making it clear she's lying. Lex asks if she's checked her desk. Chloe looks glum. She swears he didn't give her anything and just wanted to talk. Lex opens the top drawer. Finds the key instantly. He holds it up. "This was my father's," he says. Chloe says she's never seen it before. Lex asks why Chloe was hiding it and why Papa would give it to Chloe. He holds it up to Chloe's face and asks if she knows what the key is for. To open something? Locked? "Lex," she says calmly, "Lionel wasn't in his right mind when he was here." She says she doesn't know why he left the key. "You're fired," Lex says simply. He walks out of the room as a henchman and Va-Gina the Baroness walk in. Lex tells them to escort Chloe from the building. Chloe grabs her coat, but asks if they're going to give her a second to clear up her private things. The suited henchman grabs her and starts taking Chloe out of the room. Lex says Chloe's personal belongings will be boxed up and sent to her home. Which Lex also owns. Chloe says she may be out of the building, but that's her personal stuff. "I have rights!" she says. Not so much in Lex's building you don't. "If anything is missing, Lex, I swear to GOD you won't hear the end of it!" she says, her voice rising. The Baroness offers to pack up Chloe's belongings. She tells Lex to go back to the mansion and get some sleep. Nice ordering your boss around. She puts a hand on Lex's shoulder as he starts to walk away. "We did it, Lex," she says. We? Lady, you got some balls. Lex half-smiles at her, but says nothing. He walks out. She sighs again. So...much...sexual...tension! She's about to explode from the waist down. She goes to Chloe's desk and hears something buzz. It's Chloe's cell phone. It's a text from Jimmy: "Lionel not suicide. Have pic. Come to archive room. - Jimmy." Nobody signs their texts, show.

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