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Farewell, Sweet Bastard

Isis Foundation. Chloe walks to the main office just as Clark is opening the door. "Hey." "Hey." Chloe says Jimmy and Lois haven't shown up yet, but Jimmy already sent the file and she was about to get to work on the image. Clark tells Chloe about the tubular message from Papa Luthor. "I think he was trying to protect me," Clark says. Chloe remembers Papa saying something terrible was coming. Clark tells her there's something that will be able to control him. She asks if that means puppet-like control. "What could possibly pull your strings?" she asks. Puppet-colored Kryptonite? Clark tells her about the two keys just as Chloe was about to hop on Lana's command center computer. Chloe fills Clark in about the key that Papa left her at the newspaper. She says Lex took it. She says she was fired, but she's fine with it because she wanted to get out of that "black hole" anyway. Chloe wonders about the mystery man who wants the key. Clark is pretty convinced that Lex is behind everything, including the murder. He asks how long it'll take to get an ID on the blurry shape in the photo. Chloe says it's going to take several hours. Clark tells her to keep working on it as he whooshes out of Isis. Chloe gets to work on doing some pixel magic. The music amps up considerably, way too much for somebody sitting and sighing at a computer screen.

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. Clark is standing in front of the desk in the Lair of Lex. He opens a small box and finds a locket (sans chain) inside. He opens it. It's empty. Clark puts it back in the box and starts to walk out. Lex walks into the room angrily. "My father just died and you're already breaking and entering?" he asks. Either Clark walks in at normal speed and Lex's security sucks or Clark comes in at super-speed, which you would think would be picked up by Lex's cameras. This is such a lazy thing, to always have Clark just pop up in Lex's home without Lex figuring out that Clark is The Traveler. Whatever, show. After next season I am totally breaking up with you. Clark says Papa Luthor would never take his own life. Lex says he thought Clark would at least offer some words of comfort. Yeah, Clark. Don't be such a dick. Even if you have to fake it. You could say, "Hey, man, I'm sorry you killed your dad so much," or, "hey, dude, at least you didn't get any blood on yourself." "Get out," Lex tells him. Clark says he's not going anywhere. Superman is a squatter? Li'l Lex ruins a potential Gayest Look of the Episode by interjecting: "You can still be good, Lex!" We see him standing next to the fireplace. "Tell Clark what you did. He's still our friend." Lex rubs his eyes wearily and tells Clark he's not going to debate his father's mental state. "I'm grieving, Clark. I think you know what it's like to lose a father." Clark warns Lex not to bring Bo Duke into this. Lex says their fathers were a lot alike. Smart, strong-willed, and both died prematurely. Also? Both on Broadway. Clark gets in close and, surprise, it is The Gayest Look of the Episode! He's so determined. So passionate. He says Papa Luthor did die too soon and he wants to know how it happened. Lex gulps as he says that the two fathers also both thought Clark was the kind of son they could be proud of. Clark says that they would have felt the same way about Lex if he had only tried. Oh no Clark di'in't! If there's one thing Lex isn't it's lazy. And boy did he try. It didn't help much when he was being abused as a child, Clark. "What happened to you?" Clark asks. Lex says he did try. "When we first met, you inspired me," Lex says. He says all he wanted was to be Clark's friend, but Clark turned his back. And then the fun started. Clark looks down, a bit guiltily. "So you're the person you are today because of me," he says. Yes. Undoubtedly. Clark says he tried to be Lex's friend, but all he cared about was power and control. "This is Smallville!" Lex yells. Season Seven! "Meteor freaks, alien ships, cryptic symbols! These threats are real! Someone had to take control. Someone had to save the world!" Lex yells. Clark warns Lex that he's lost touch with reality. If you're going to take the moral high ground, Clark, at least try not to base it on a lie. Lex says they should talk about something undeniably true. He says after years of trying to get some compassion out of Papa Luthor, his father turned to Clark with open arms. "Now what would a worldly billionaire have in common with a simple farmboy?" Lex asks. An interest in agrarian macroeconomics? "Maybe he just knew he could trust me," Clark says. Yeah, not so much with the lying there, Clark. Lex, jealous, says that everyone can trust Clark Kent. He's the perfect son. Clark lies to everyone, so saying that someone loved him because of trust is a pretty shit explanation, even for Clark. Lex asks why Bo Duke always seemed so stressed. He asks why raising the perfect son would be so much work. Lex Goes There by asking how much of a strain that might have put on Bo Duke's heart. Clark steps forward angrily. "Are you blaming me...for my father's death? ARE YOU!?" Clark says Lex is the guilty one here and this time, he's going to own up to what he's done. Eh, not so much. Clark says he knows Lex killed Papa Luthor. Lex scoffs and averts his eyes. "Who's delusional now?" he asks. Clark says he has proof. Really? Oh. Damn. Lex looks a tiny bit worried. Angels sing. Clark walks out, leaving Lex to sniff and consider the future. Another big musical crescendo.

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