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Ready... Aim... Misfire!

Ace of Clubs. Lois has miraculously recovered from her injury. There's not even a bandage and the neckline of her dress is open enough to show it if it were there. She's late for her date with Clark because she was distraught that some monster truck lost its drive train. Clark smiles and tries to tell her it's just a truck, but she's like, "That's like saying Tommy Lee is just a drummer!" Clark says nothing to that, prompting Lois to pine that Clark has no poetry in him. "You just have to look a little deeper," he says. She wishes for X-ray vision. I wish for a hardhat to protect me from the anvils. Clark apologizes for not visiting her in the hospital more, but he was trying to get more information on Dark Archer. (This is the only time he's called this in the episode.) Lois says it's OK: "Lucky for you, your friend kept me supplied with flowers and gifts." She shows Clark the charm Zod gave her, which she's attached to a gold bracelet. Clark looks at it. The happy club music gives way to ominous strings. Clark tries to play it cool. "Who gave it to you?" "You know, Zod," she says. Clark casually wants to know what Zod said about him. Lois is all good cheer about Zod saying such good things about Clark and wanting to get together. "That's not a good idea," Clark says. Lois thinks Clark's afraid of Zod revealing Clark's cow-tipping past. See, Clark, this would be a good time to tell Lois the truth. I mean, she's already in danger just from knowing you. You might as well fill her in so she can protect herself. But where's the drama in that? Speaking of which: Lois catches sight of Oliver across the room. They give each other friendly smiles that fade into sad smiles. Oliver sadly watches Lois and Clark walking away arm-in-arm.

Training facility. Mia's beating the crap out of a dummy with a pair of sticks. Oliver shows up. "Someone taught you well," he says. "Yeah, then told me he didn't want to see me again," Mia says, putting down her sticks. Oliver explains he was trying to protect her, hoping that Vordigan would leave her alone if he wasn't teaching her. She pointedly calls him Green Arrow, then hands over his keys. "Don't worry, I'm not going to tell all my friends I used to train with the Emerald Archer." So... she didn't know before now that he's Green Arrow? It's so hard to remember who knows what on this show. "He's not done with you yet," Oliver says, moving up higher on my shit list for talking about himself in the third person. Mia's ecstatic. She's glad her old teacher showed up again, but less happy that Oliver's teacher showed up. Oliver thinks for a while, then says he can't get Vordigan out of his head: "By the time he gets out of prison, he'll be an old man." So, Vordigan goes to jail for kidnapping and attempted murder, but Tess doesn't? Oliver whines about the dark places inside him. Mia, the only sensible person in the episode, says everyone has a dark place inside them. What matters is what they do with the lessons they learn. Oliver smiles and gives a slight nod.

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