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Ready... Aim... Misfire!

Metropolis rooftop. Zod poses moodily against the skyline as Clark whooshes up to him. "Lois Lane is off limits," he says. Zod fingers a charm like the one he gave Lois. "A Rao charm is hardly cause for alarm," Zod says. He's a poet and he didn't even know it. Clark demands to know why Zod would give Lois a Kryptonian symbol. Zod explains that Rao symbolizes everything that's good. Clark is assuming the worst of him. It's because scary music plays every time you enter a room, dude. Clark is angry that Zod used Lois to send him a message. Zod teases Clark about being so mistrustful. "I trust those who trust me," Clark says, getting up in Zod's face. Zod smiles and says Clark trusts no one. "Not even the woman you're supposed to care for," he says. Clark looks taken aback. Zod presses on: "She has no idea who you are, does she?" Clark says crossing that line is why he won't help Zod get his powers. Zod gets tears in his eyes and his smile fades. He insists he's just trying to save their race, but Clark snits that Zod is just trying to save his army. Without them, Zod has no one to command. Zod insists he isn't doing this out of ego, but Clark thinks he has an agenda. "You go near Lois again and I will destroy you all," he says. He stares at Zod, letting that sink in for a second. So, I guess the attempt to befriend Zod is over? Clark superzips away. Zod looks stricken. Then he looks mad.

Downstairs, his main female soldier is waiting for him. They haven't given her a name yet, have they? She looks vaguely like Jennifer Lopez. I'm calling her Lop-Ez until they give her a name. Lop-Ez falls into step with Zod as he crosses the street. Did Zod get what he was looking for? "He didn't recognize the symbol," he says. Lop-Ez says they don't have much time. "I guess the book of Rao isn't on Earth after all," she says. Zod stops in his tracks, jabbing a finger at Lop-Ez's chest. He insists that Jor-El left it somewhere and as soon as they find it, they'll have the means to complete the tower. "And we will turn the yellow sun red," Zod promises. After that, Kal-El will be one of Zod's soldiers, or a prisoner in his stockade. They smile and look up to where the nearly complete tower stands against the sky, like two big middle fingers aimed at the universe. Seriously. What the hell? Tess and Clark both saw the future. All of Clark's super-friends know about the tower. Why are they letting this thing be built? It's just... so dumb. So very, very Dumb! Thinking about it actually physically makes my head hurt, so let's call it a night, shall we?

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