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Ready... Aim... Misfire!

She gets into her car but it won't start. "Damn it, I knew I should have changed the alternator myself!" she says. Because she's mechanically gifted along with all her other awesome qualities, see? She gets out to have a look under the hood. As she peers around inside at miscellaneous car thingies (I am not mechanically gifted), an arrow slices through the night and hits the car, right by her hand. She whips around and sees a leather-clad hooded figure standing on a nearby rooftop, posed in front of the city's permanently full moon. We're meant to think it's Oliver, but the guy is clearly much beefier. Lois thinks it's Oliver, though, and calls out, "Jealous much?" He gets another arrow ready and takes aim. Lois turns and runs away. The mystery archer shoots her in the back. She falls, the tip of the arrow piercing her upper left chest. Somebody save her!

There's an overhead establishing shot of some squat, brick buildings, which I guess is the exterior of Oliver's training facility. Inside there are orange mats on the floor and some Asian-inspired decorative screens. I can't spend too much thinking about the mystery of the locale, though, because Oliver is sitting in the middle of whatever room this is, meditating without shirt. Sure, he's a jerk and a criminal, but the man is toned. And lightly oiled, it seems. Ominous music starts to play. Someone dressed head to toe in black sneaks up on him. Oliver's eyes snap open and he springs into action just as his mystery attacker pounces on him. He throws her to the mat. You can tell it's a girl because of her girlish yelp. And also because the previouslies showed Mia. She jumps up and starts swinging at him with a side-handle baton. They trade blows and he flips her onto her back. He shoves the baton against her throat and pushes, hard. She struggles under him, her eyes behind her mask very frightened. She gurgles his name a few times. Still pressing against her throat, he pulls off her mask and, realizing it's his student, he drops the baton and backs away, looking horrified. Mia sits up, rubbing her neck. She wants to know what the hell is up with him and he says, "I came here for our training session, not to audition for Kill Bill 3!" Mia says she just wanted to sneak up on him so she'd stand a chance of kicking his butt for once. Oliver is still freaked out and tries to explain it as a response to Mia's convincing turn as a ninja. But Mia thinks it's more than just an overreaction. "You didn't even respond to your own name! It's like you were someone else." Oliver looks scared. The music is discordant. His phone rings before he has to dig around for a real response. It's Chloe, and although we don't hear what she says, it's obvious by his expression that he's hearing about Lois being attacked.

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