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Ready... Aim... Misfire!

Oliver's LuthorCorp office. He's studying a whole wall full of surveillance pics from the last few days. Mia watches him with concern. "You wanna tell me what you're doing? Because this looks serial-killer scary." He says he thinks someone is following him. Mia guesses why he reacted so strongly when she jumped him that morning. Except... wasn't that before Oliver knew Vordigan was in town? Mia takes a closer look at the pics and notices they're all of Oliver. She picks up one of them; it's of the fund-raiser. "Isn't this where that lady got shot?" Oliver gets pissed off at her for some reason and snatches away the picture. He tells her there's a lot she doesn't know about him. "I had no right trying to play mentor with you; it's way too risky." Mia is stunned. She refuses to leave, but Oliver tells her to get the hell out of there. Now shoot a hunting rifle near her so she'll be afraid of people! Mia glares at him for a moment, then storms out.

Watchtower, night. Chloe's inside, working at her computers when the alarm suddenly goes off. An artificially pleasant female voice announces that security has been breached. Chloe's still wearing that horrible outfit, except now with a short sweater instead of the jacket. Chloe frowns up at her computer screens instead of, say, grabbing a gun. On one of the screens, an antique-looking sketch of an archer pops up. Chloe jumps. Then stares. And stares. The lights go out, leaving her in nearly total darkness. She wanders tentatively into the center of the room. Vordigan stands silhouetted against one of the stained glass circular windows. He readies an arrow and takes aim. She frowns at him before finally turning away. He shoots and the arrow nicks her upper arm with a spray of blood that spatters the camera lens. She falls to the floor, touching her arm. Vordigan readies another arrow, aiming down at her. Somewhere in the room, a door opens, distracting him. Instead of quickly finishing what he came to do, he whips out a small compound bow, aims at the ceiling, and fires an arrow-tipped rope. He Batmans his way out of there as Chloe watches, still lying prone on the floor. She sits up just as Clark comes up behind her. He rushes to her side and asks what happened. "I'm starting to think our favorite archer isn't all green," she says. Clark glares up at the ceiling where Vordigan made his escape. Commercials.

Metropolis, night. From Vordigan's point-of-view, we see Mia as she walks along the city streets. He watches her pass him, heavy-breathing in a weirdly pervy fashion. Our view swings around to see Mia as he walks up behind her. She whispers, "Oliver," and whips around to face him, fists raised in a fighting pose. She sees Vordigan's unfamiliar bearded face instead. She must be terribly stunned, because she does absolutely nothing but frown at this leather-clad stranger. "Oliver's got a greater destiny," he says, "and you're going to help me fulfill it." Still frowning, she lowers her fists... and just stands there.

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