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Ready... Aim... Misfire!

Watchtower. Tappity-tap goes Chloe at her computer. I think that's 90% of what she does these days. Oh, thank goodness she's changed out of the fugly outfit. She has on a purple number with a leather belt that looks like an obi. Clark whooshes in after checking Oliver's boat and plane without finding him. Chloe fills Clark in on how hard it is to find information about secret societies. All the while, she keeps typing away. Clark pauses, then says, "Oliver's not the only one I've been worried about." Tappity-tap-tap. Clark goes on: "You've been looking at the world through a camera a lot lately. Maybe it's time you go out and live in it." Chloe keeps working, but explains she's just looking out for people. Clark worries about Chloe losing herself. She reassures him that won't happen. I predict it will happen, most likely after many episodes where nothing more of this matter is mentioned. Chloe finds something about an ancient altar with markings from the cult. She says an entrepreneur bought it from Ireland and had it shipped to his estate in Coast City. Chloe techno-babbles about tapping into satellite images of the area. They see the Spirograph maze. (See? Told you it was a not-very-secret thing to do.) The satellite surveillance is good enough for Chloe to see movement in the maze and then zoom in to see Mia running around. Clark recognizes her as the girl who's been training with Oliver. "Like an apprentice," Chloe says. She puts the pieces together for Clark with the whole dumb vow: "No lovers, that would explain why Lois was hit; no allies, which would explain my purple heart; and no disciples outside of the cult -- that's [Mia]." Clark looks blank but very pretty, then whooshes away.

Ridiculous hedge maze. Mia wanders around aimlessly until she hears someone coming. She starts running. Vordigan stalks her. Mia brushes against a branch, snapping it. Vordigan smiles and heads toward the sound. He ends up in a clearing where there are statues of nekkid guys. Mia sneaks up behind him and cracks him in the face with a big stick just as he turns toward her. He drops to the ground. She tries to past him but he grabs her ankle. She falls. Vordigan picks himself up just as Oliver shows up. Vordigan readies three arrows simultaneously and pulls back the bowstring. He looses the arrows. Everything slows down. Oliver runs toward Mia, knocking her out of the way. Oliver remains in the arrows' path. Luckily for him, Clark shows up and superzips into position between them, breaking the arrows with his back. Mind you, he does this all so quickly that no one actually sees him. Clark disappears and the action resumes its normal pace. Oliver levels his bow-gun-thingie and shoots Vordigan and seems not at all confused that he wasn't turned into bloody Swiss cheese. Vordigan falls. Clark whooshes back onto the scene, frowning slightly. Oliver says, "He always said the darkness inside me would rise up and I'd take his life." Clark's super powers protect him from the painful dialog. Oliver crouches down beside Vordigan and nudges him. Vordigan groans. "You were wrong," Oliver says. Oliver clarifies that he only shot Vordigan in the shoulder, as he was taught. Clark stares and frowns, wondering at what point did he become so trivial in his own story.

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