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Game of Zones

Previously on Smallville: Jor-El created the Phantom Zone, which was an intergalactic prison for a bunch of baddies; Darkseid went around marking people's skulls with an Omega symbol; Oliver got marked after he beat DeSaad to a pulp; Mama Lane bequeathed Lois "Old Blue," a small glass bird that symbolized hope; Lois and Clark decided to sell the farm and get an apartment in Metropolis.

Currently on Smallville: One of Lois's first tasks in getting their new apartment ready is to find just the right place for Old Blue, which she does on a precarious-looking window shelf overlooking the fire escape. On first watching, I spent half the episode worried someone would knock that bird right over the edge. Clark comes in with a box that Lois has labeled for the living room, but he thinks this must surely be a mistake because inside is a pillow made out of her old Whitesnake concert shirt. He's mildly aghast that Lois wants to display this thing on their nice sofa. He's lucky that it's just a picture of a guy playing guitar and not, like, humping his mic stand. Lois says Oliver and Chloe have managed to blend their styles together with no problems. [Luckily, they both like green. - Zach] Clark sighs and tells her not to worry. "My 'for better or for worse' will include your love of hair metal." He looks like he'd rather eat kryptonite Cheerios, but at least he's trying. That thing would be first on my "to accidentally burn" list. Clark offers to unpack the rest of their stuff at super-speed, but Lois is against the idea. "Part of us merging our lives together is taking the time to find just the right spot for everything." That's sweet, but if anyone with super powers wants to help me move next year, please drop me a line. Screw finding the perfect spot for stuff! Clark says something equally sweet about his spot being right there with Lois. "We'll take as much time as you need," he says.

Their laptop trills at them. It's Tess, video-calling them with important news. "I just heard from one of my military contacts," she says. "Slade Wilson's back." She says he was found unconscious in the street, in a coma and completely unresponsive. Good. That way we don't have to waste a scene visiting him in the hospital. Clark and Lois exchange worried looks. "There's only one way out of the Phantom Zone," Clark says. "It has to be activated by a member of my family -- the House of El." Yeah, I'm pretty sure the people you're talking to remember your family name, Clark. Lois thinks someone has stolen the family's key.

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