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Game of Zones

Factory? Oliver's pacing in a dark room with all sorts of equipment and machines and pipe valves and... I don't know what the hell. It's just a random place to have a sneaky rendezvous. Tess appears silently behind him, but he knows her well enough to know she's there without looking. "Your hunch was right," she tells him. She babbles about all the research she's done and how it's led her to "the bow of Orion." She gives him a tablet PC with coordinates to a destination somewhere on the "Celtic coast." Tess wants to know what's going on. She did all that research blind? Dang. "It's Hawkman's quest," Oliver says. "He saw this guy Orion use it the last time he kicked Darkseid's ass halfway across the universe." His family's Veritas journals gave him the last bit of info he needed to find it. He feels like it's his own personal responsibility to find it, but Tess reminds him they're a team. He asks her to trust him. She grants him that, but still looks worried as he walks away.

Church. Oliver kneels before a stand of memorial votives. As he makes the Sign of the Cross, he flashes back to moments of his Orion research, interspersed with quick cuts of his fight with DeSaad and the Omega symbol burning into his skull. He gets up, walks slowly down the aisle and pauses to look up at an angel statue. After a few moments, he leaves. The angel weeps black fluid that drops onto the camera and blanks out the screen, providing a backdrop for the end credits. What the...? Is that going to turn out to mean something, or was it the director's (Justin Hartley himself in this case) desire to seem meaningful? Guess we'll find out one way or the other. It's almost the end, kiddies. Rest up, drink up, see you next week.

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