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Game of Zones

Watchtower. Outside, the sun is shining. Inside, Tess tends Oliver's wounds. Obviously the reason his wife Chloe isn't there is because Allison Mack wasn't contracted for this episode, but it seems odd. Even odder, Clark is there, wearing fresh clothes instead of having long ago zipped home to Lois. Also, sadly, his hair is back to its usual, stuffier style. Oliver congratulates Clark on his plan. Getting Zod to pit them against each other not only allowed them to get the crystal but also gave them a reason to have a kick-ass fight scene! Clark chalks up the success to how much he and Oliver trust each other. He knew Oliver wouldn't be tempted by Zod. When Tess goes off to call Emil about Oliver's injuries, Oliver takes the opportunity to talk with Clark. He brings up the marked skulls they saw. He's worried about the darkness coming back, but Clark says they'll fight it together. "What if one of us were to get infected with the darkness, what would we do then?" Oliver asks, trying his best to sound hypothetical. "We'd have to lock them up," Clark says without much hesitation. "The darkness is a powerful thing; it almost got me once. Once it gets in, I don't think there's a way out." This hits a false note. It's a way to set up a conflict between two friends but it doesn't follow from anything we've seen. Oliver shrugs off the conversation, concentrating instead on their victory over Zod. He finally tells Clark to go see Lois. After Clark zips away, Oliver stands there looking looking scared and alone. Go see your wife, dummy!

Apartment. It's pitch dark now. Did Clark go all the way around the planet a few times? He arrives to find the place completely unpacked and stylishly decorated. Lois walks into the living room and sees him there. She stares for a while, tears in her eyes, before she runs into his arms. "I knew you'd make it," she says. Clark lightly teases her for decorating the apartment without him. That's when he finds out he's actually been gone for three weeks instead of the few hours that it seemed like. He figures destroying the crystal altered time. Whatever, dude. Lois says she and Tess took turns waiting at Watchtower. And yet no one called her when Clark and Oliver came back? Dumb. Clark thinks a bit. "After three hours, Tess was supposed to--" "Blow up the gate," Lois finishes for him. She says she talked Tess out of that, although she leaves out the part with the gun. Lois is hurt that Clark didn't have faith in her, and Clark's all "I was trying to protect you," but even he seems to realize how wrong that is as soon as he says it. Lois makes him to promise to bring him with her next time. "I'd rather be in some sand-blown purgatory than in the hell of not knowing I'll ever see you again." He apologizes for being a big Kryptonian ass, although he says it in a nice enough way that Lois tells him he should add that to his wedding vows. Clark realizes the wedding is now just two days away. Lois offers to postpone it if Clark needs more time. "Lois," he says, "there's nothing in this world that could prevent me from walking down that aisle." And thus he's just guaranteed there will be mayhem on their wedding day. They hug as Old Blue watches from the window sill.

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