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So Long, and Thanks for All the FAIL!

Luthor Manor. Dark and stormy night. Maybe it's not a storm. Tess looks out from upstairs in the Former Lair of Lex and sees some purple light is flashing against the walls of the castle. She runs to a window. We hear weird whispering and growling. She goes out of the office and into the hallway. She goes to her bedroom and stares out the window. Bright purple light is pulsing. She sees the orb, floating in the sky. It opens up and pierces the ground with a sharp shaft of light. Everything goes bright white. Tess turns away. When she looks back, she sees a muscular, naked body on the lawn. It's holding an orb in its left hand and has a clover-looking black tattoo on its back. "ZOD!" we hear. The naked figure, which looks not unlike Davis, is standing amid a bunch of fire in the ground that's forming a symbol. The camera pulls back until we see the scary symbol for Zod burn itself into the grass. We cut right to black and the season, and my tenure, is now over.

So, Jimmy wasn't Jimmy, Clark is no longer Clark and Davis is no longer Doomsday, but was still evil enough to kill Not-Jimmy in a fit of jealousy. Lois is gone, Oliver's a dick, Lex is dead (or, worse, recast), Lana is out flying around, being super and shit, and MamaKent went to Congress and never came back. Yep. Nothing left for me here. I can't think of a better time to leave.

I want to thank Daniel, Angel, Zach, Tippi and the rest of the TWOP staff, as well as all the talented recappers and mods, past and present, who've inspired me and commiserated over dumb e-mails and silly forum skirmishes. I'd like to especially thank Wing Chun, Sars and Glark for hiring me in the first place and making me feel like part of the family. Pamie and Gwen were the two recappers I first read who made me want to do this and Heathen gave me the courage to apply for the job (and inadvertently helped create Bamboo Heather). My brother, Pablo, is the person who would read my jokes over Instant Messenger long before they appeared in my recaps. Craig at Kryptonsite has been a big supporter of my work over the years. And, of course, the cast, creators and crew of Smallville have taken my jabs with good humor and a surprisingly little vengeance (Macbook poops notwithstanding).

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