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So Long, and Thanks for All the FAIL!

Clark says he doesn't understand. Why am I not surprised? Clark thought everything was supposed to be fine if they got rid of Brainiac. Rokk says that everything is fine. Brainiac is gone. "But, so are you," he says. Then how does he know about Clark in the first place? Wouldn't Clark's notoriety in the future have been erased as well? Are only Rokk and his two buddies aware of it? He says that when Clark saved Chloe, he preserved her connection to Doomsday. He adds that Chloe stopped Clark from sending Doomsday to the Phantom Zone and made him invulnerable trying to kill him with Kryptonite. He's not a big Chloe fan right now. "And now because of Chloe, you cannot defeat him," Rokk says. Good, because I was about to go fight Doomsday in a sec and -- OH SHIT! Clark says he'd never take back his choice to save her. Rokk scoffs, as if to say, "On behalf of all of us in the future, thanks, dick." Rokk pulls out a ring with a familiar "L" on it. It's the Time Traveling Ring of Legionnaires. "I believe yours got a little scorched," Rokk says. Yeah, try to take care of this one. We had to send Josten's $200 to replace it! In 3009 money! It's very hard to find $200 that far in the future! Clark takes the ring. Rokk tells him to send Doomsday to the future, where they're ready to fight him. Clark turns, unconvinced. He says the Legion didn't unleash Doomsday, he did. Rokk, who, let us remember, is from the future, says, "KAL-EL!" What is with this guy? It's like he was raised on a farm and is herding chickens in his mind or something. Rokk explains, patiently under the circumstances, that there's nothing on this Earth that will stop Doomsday from killing Clark. Clark says he was told by his father that he was sent to save mankind. "Maybe this is my destiny," Clark reasons. To get killed? He thinks some more. He asks how long he's got. "Tomorrow is the day you die," Rokk says. Oh, nice. You have time travel, but you couldn't set the dial on the DeLorean back one week to give some time to prepare, sharpen some stakes, boil some holy water, maybe? Clark freezes his face in a Blue Steel pose that, I admit, I am going to miss.

Opening credits. Goodbye, opening credits. Goodbye, Remy Zero.

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