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So Long, and Thanks for All the FAIL!
Omar G.: Ah. Well, listen, I'm not recapping this show after this episode, so even if you come back, you won't have to worry about me taking shots at you.
Lana Lang: I stopped reading after Season Five. Fire away. Pink Pwincess Power!

Then she flies off into the night sky. What a strange and unexpected visit! Anyhoo... Daily Planet, nighttime. Jimmy has used a lockpicking tool to break into Tess's office. "I'm in," he says. So, Jimmy's first post-drug-addiction job with Oliver is breaking and entering? I guess it's a tiny step up. We hear Oliver speaking to Jimmy through a Bluetooth earpiece that has a bright blue light on it, perfect for getting caught when you're trying to sneak around at night. Oliver asks if he has the decryption key. Isn't that something he should have asked before Jimmy got to the building? Speaking of which, how did Jimmy get into the building? He's no longer an employee. Oliver says he hopes Jimmy has better luck than he did. He tells Jimmy to call when he has Chloe's location. Jimmy turns off his giant beacon, making his ear much less blue-hued. He sits at Tess's desk and is about to log in when something under the desk crunches. We hear someone say, "OW!" and then punch Jimmy in the balls. It's Lois, crawling out from under the desk. Sadly, it's not the first time she's contorted herself around furniture in this office. She tells Jimmy that he stepped on her hand. The Playful Music of Oh, Lois! is accompanying the scene as Jimmy tells her not to be under a desk where her hand can get stepped on. Lois asks if she just got a lecture from "Jimmy Olsen." Not so much, it turns out. She asks who Jimmy was talking to. "No one!" he says, exasperated. He asks what she's doing here. She's looking for Davis and Chloe. They were under the desk? Lois says that Tess's security has staked out at the Talon apartment. "Creepy, but telling," she says. That also describes Lois and her loose lips. Lois says that the problem is that Tess's "8-gig mini-brain is encrypted." "Not anymore," Jimmy says. He plugs a chunky flash drive into the computer. It has a green circle of light on it, so you know it's going to work. Jimmy begins typing. He pulls up a ton of folders and somehow figures out that Tess has been tracking Chloe and that this information is from a few days before. Everyone's a hacker on this show. Even the stupid people.

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