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The shack of Bee Girl. Clark walks right in. He scopes around. A hand pulls him back. Acccckk! It's Chloe! She says she heard about the Talon, and thanks Clark for the call. He says he's sorry. Clark awkwardly makes up with Chloe. She smiles and says she could have warned him. They both smile. Clark says that everything has changed in his life. His parents. Lana. He says the only thing constant has been Chloe. She looks like she's going to cry. "Me too," she says. Something falls on Clark's shoulder. He examines it. It's honeyish in appearance. Chloe says that honey is what you usually find in a hive. She points her flashlight up, and it's bee city in the rafters. Clark asks whether Bee Girl did all this. Chloe says it was her worker bees, and that she's emitting a queen pheromone to control them. Some Secret deodorant will clear that right up. Chloe explains that when Bee Girl fell into that hive last year, she got stung over a thousand times by Africanized honey bees. She would have been dead. Come on. She was even allergic. Chloe explains that she'd fallen into a meteorite crater. "You do the meteorite math," she says. I do. Every goddamned week. Chloe says that once Bee Girl loses her control, her scent will change and the bees will know. So will the cows.

Talon. ReporterHo comes in and finds Lex. She says she thought he wanted to meet somewhere private. Well, The Talon is private. Lex asks how the article is going. He looks like he's coiled for an attack. She says that people will see him in a whole new light. Lex says he's gotten to read a rough draft. He pulls out a color proof where the headline reads, "Paper Tiger." "It's fair and accurate," she says, half smiling. Lex says it's a hatchet job. She babbles about a journalism professor telling her that if you want to bring someone down, you need to know his weakness. For Lex, it's his ego. Lex says they like to mix metaphors at East Tennessee Community College. Ha! She's a flunky. She says she has nothing to hide. Lex thinks his father hired her. She says she plans on being a hard-hitting journalist, and Lex is just her first target. Lex smiles. He asks what it'll take to make the article go away. "Unlike your whore at the Inquisitor, I'm not for sale," she says, and walks off. "Goodbye, Lex. Thanks for being my first," she says, as she goes. Lex looks pretty damn pissed. Can I just say what an improvement this girl is over Boobs McChesty?

Bee Girl in the Barnness of Pulchritude. Clark surprises her. Clark says he decided to drop out of the election. "Good," she says. She rags on the student body and their lack of direction. Clark accuses her of putting her opponents in the hospital. Bee Girl says that she knows what this is, and that Clark hasn't dropped out at all. Way-too-dramatic music plays as Clark accuses her, and she admits it. She says no one can stop her. "Try me," Clark says. Ooh, baby. She says that's what Clark wants, and that's why he "lured" her there. Shocking lack of sexual subtext in this scene. They're saving it for the Clex. "What are you gonna do, Clark?" Bee Girl asks. Then she closes her eyes and wills her bees to attack. He asks what she's doing. She says she's teaching Clark that politics is about sacrifice. I thought politics was about money. "Where are you sending them?" he asks. She says that Clark may be thick-skinned, but what about his mother? Yikes! Not MamaKent!

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