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Omar G: B- | 2 USERS: C

The Clark Barn. Strummy alt-rock crap. Lana shows up. Clark is taking down campaign posters and says it's back to being just a barn. And his home. Clark says he's glad about the Talon's increased popularity. Lana says she didn't like playing dirty. Clark says maybe the mattresses aren't for her. Virgin, much? She says she had to choose between being successful and doing the right thing. She says she kinda liked being underhanded. "Lana Lang seduced by the dark side? Who would have thunk?" Clark asks. Don't tell anyone, but Lana actually wasn't too bad in this episode. Clark says he got caught up in the popularity thing, too. She asks whether he finished his speech. He says he did. She says she'd like to hear it. "Now," she says. Clark looks doubtful. Lana starts chanting, "Speech, speech, speech!" Clark stands next to her and starts reading. It's not as good as the speech Lana's dead mom once read. We pan out of the barn while Clark reads his boring-ass speech. We pan up to the moon as the strummy music takes over.

Next week: Chloe kisses someone, and there's a funeral. See ya then. Oh, and by the way: the rumors of my death and zombification were greatly exaggerated. ["For now. Mwah ha ha!" -- Wing Chun]

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