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Lex in his red-lit lair. He's pouring himself a drink as Clark walks in. Fully clothed, incidentally. "Clark Kent for president," Lex hollers. He's putting roofies in Clark's drink. Clark asks how Lex knew. Lex whips out an election flyer of Clark's. It's one of two copies in Lex's possession. The other one is under Lex's pillow. Lex says he didn't realize Clark had political aspirations. Clark says he figured he could make a difference. Lex pulls a pool cue off the wall and asks whether Clark came over for a contribution. Hmm...perhaps a deposit of USDA choice beef? Clark pauses, looks over at Lex, gives a subtle crotch look, and superspeeds away with the Gayest Look of the Episode. Tempt him, why don't you, Lex? Clark says he came over to talk about the Talon. Lex says he knows it's not doing well. Clark asks whether Lex is going to help. Lex looks over at Clark and shoots some pool. He says he's not going to support a failing business, and that the Talon has to find its own feet. Er, claws. Or whatever. Clark says Lex could at least stop by for some foamy nose-coffee. Lex stands up at attention. He says that Clark is already working for his constituents. Lex offers some advice: a better slogan. How about, "He's Super, thanks for asking!" Or, "Kiss the Clark"? Lex says that everyone has used "(Blank) for President," including himself. Turns out Lex ran for office once, but he says his intentions weren't very noble. Ah. Interns. Clark asks whether Lex won. "Of course," Lex says. Clark asks Lex if he has any tips. Heh heh. Ah heh heh heh heh heh. Lex says Clark doesn't need Lex's methods, and can win on his own. Clark says the competition is "pretty stiff." You see? It's not just me, people. It's not like I get a chubby over these scenes. Lex tells Clark to remember that the man of tomorrow is forged by his battles today. Clark asks if he can use that as his slogan. "Knock yourself out," Lex says. "On my headboard," he thinks.

The Jimmy Eat World song that I actually like -- "The Middle" -- comes on. How rare is it that a song is played on this show when it's actually being heard on the radio? Nice job, sound guy. We see, in school, a revised flyer: "Clark Kent for Class President. The Man of Tomorrow." An American flag is next to it, taped to a trophy case. Chloe sees it and pauses, curious. She finds Clark at a table with a ton of little American flags. She repeats the slogan at him. "Kind of presumptuous, don't you think?" she asks. Well, it's not like anyone else on the show is guaranteed to be back tomorrow. "I like it," Clark says. Chloe says she thought Clark was "bagging" the whole election. Clark says he had a change of heart. Only without that guy on Change of Heart with the dyed hair and the slutty couples. Lana walks up and says she likes the slogan, and that it's catchy. Lana says that Clark has her vote. Chloe looks like she just swallowed something foul. Clark suggests having an election rally at The Talon. Lana says that's great, and that Clark knows where to find her. Certainly not at school. She's just dropping by to pick up a copy of her transcript so she can file for her GED later in life. Lana leaves. Slapping a flag on her hand, Chloe says, "You're running because of Lana." Well, duh. Why do you think Clinton stayed in politics so long? Clark says he thinks he can do a good job. Chloe "whatever"s. Clark asks why everyone has faith in him except Chloe. What follows is Chloe interrogating Clark on a multitude of issues, from arts budgets to locker searches. Somewhere in there, Clark says he stands for truth, justice, and "other stuff." Clark tells Chloe to slow down. She suggests that the Man of Tomorrow get a platform for today. Clark got zinged! As Clark walks down the hall, Pete comes up, wearing six big Clark buttons, and tells the candidate he needs to go to a volleyball game and then go out to see the sucky school band. Clark asks Pete about Clark's platform. Pete says it doesn't matter. He bangs his clipboard, all smiles, and says he doesn't write speeches. He just does meet-and-greets. You see? So much more entertaining when Pete actually has lines. Pete slaps Clark on the back and sends him on his way. As Clark walks off, Secretly Sexy Sasha takes down one of Clark's posters and looks off after Clark, menacingly.

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