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School parking lot. Principal Once Upon a Time in the West Was Smooth pulls up in his sensible maroon Ford station sedan. He pulls up behind a white car and honks when it won't get out of his way. I can't believe I ever thought he was so smooth. He honks again. Gets out. Goes over to the VW and knocks on the dark tinted window. "What's the problem?" he asks. He pulls open the door. BEES! A blondie is covered in bees. She falls over onto the street. Principal Smooth in His Pants Because He Just Soiled Them reacts in obvious horror. Blondie wriggles.

Clark is in the hallway at school. If he had Spider Sense, he'd have known about the parking lot. Instead, he's oblivious and passing out buttons. He tells Pete that he actually likes the whole getting-out-and- meeting-people part. Stud. Pete says that, according to his lunchtime poll, Clark has a shot. He shows Clark a clipboard to confirm it. Chloe walks up. "Hey!" she says. Clark stiffens. And not in the good way. Pete hides his clipboard. Chloe starts to frown. She asks how things are going. "No comment -- that way she can't misquote you," Pete says. Chloe looks totally bummed. Get used to it, Lois-in-training. Clark changes the subject and asks about Felice. Chloe says she was stung way worse than DorkPaul was. Felice is in a coma. Pete says it's a weird coincidence. Clark says it's way past coincidence, and he suddenly remembers that Bee Girl was stung by a hive of bees the year before. Of course! Chloe asks if Bee Girl might be controlling the swarm. Bell rings. Clark says it's a theory. Chloe tells Clark to watch his back, and walks off. One time, a freaky, long-haired, chain-smoking bully told me that when he accidentally thought I'd said something mean about his girlfriend. I set up fucking surveillance cameras, I was watching my back so hard. He ended up shaking my hand when he figured out it wasn't me. Sometimes, he still sends me little gift baskets.

Clark is at his locker. They're really getting their money's worth on the school set this week. Clark runs into Bee Girl. She says Felice didn't care about the election as much as Bee Girl does. Clark says that nobody deserves to be stung by bees like that. Except maybe Jean-Marie Le Pen. She says that Clark should just let her run things. "What about democracy?" he asks. Bee Girl goes all intense as she explains that if she doesn't win, her parents think she won't get into a good college. We never actually see her parents in this episode, but that's beside the point, I guess. "This is my thing," she says. She tells Clark to drop out. He says he has his own reasons for seeing this through. Bee Girl says he's making a mistake. Clark asks if that's a threat. Then he asks whether she knows how those bees got into Felice's car. Bee Girl asks if Clark is accusing her. Clark thinks somebody's behind it. He walks off. Bee Girl looks pissed. Intense music plays.

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