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Hamilton lab. Lex and Papa Luthor show up. Lex is not impressed by the lack of a spaceship. Where did Hamilton's body go? He left nothing, not even a trace of lingering flatulence. "There's nothing here, dad," Lex tells Papa. Papa doesn't want to go just yet. And he tells Lex that he's not going back to Metropolis. The physical therapists will have to come to him. Lex asks if it's because of the mysterious space ship vibes. Papa Luthor touches Lex's face and says it's just to spend more time with his only son. Disturbing. Lex says this could all just be a hoax. Papa says hoax or not, he's not the only one suddenly interested in it.

Hoop dreams. Pete and Clark are shooting hoops outside. Pete asks how fast Clark can superspeed. "Twenty, thirty miles per hour?" Pete asks. "Something like that," Clark tells him. Clark shoots and misses. Pete asks if Clark's ever used his x-ray vision to look through a girl's...he points to his boobies. Clark says he can only do it when he focuses and he doesn't use it to invade people's privacy. Pete asks about the girls' locker room. Clark confesses to having peeked in there once. "That's my boy!" Pete says. Pete asks, when Clark misses again, if he's been holding back on the court. "A little bit," Clark says. Pete tells Clark to show him what he's really got. "I don't think you want to go there, Pete," Clark says. "Bring it on!" Pete responds. Man, I'm all catchphrased out. Clark leaps. Very, very high. He does a windmill dunk from about thirty feet up. He dunks. As impressive as it is, he still looks awfully white up there. The ball bounces back to Pete. "This is gonna be fun," Pete says. Alt-rock music comes up as Pete and Clark continue to play. We pan out on rambunctious boyhood baskets. They should have concrete or flat-top out there or something. I can't imagine how hard it is to dribble on dirt and rocks. And that's it. Pete's part of the inner fold now. Will he ever shut his mouth now that he's been allowed to speak more than two lines at a time?

Next week: Clark goes bad, like milk, and wears black.

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