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Oh, hilarious. Pete and Clark are transporting the spaceship on the back of a truck, and it's barely covered by a blue tarp. A big point on it is sticking right out. Very inconspicuous. They pull up to Pete's shed. Inside, as the ship is moved in, Clark says it weighs a ton. Pete says he's going to call Chloe. "Wait, don't," Clark tells him. Pete says it's Chloe's holy grail. I thought that was non-flip hairspray. Clark says she'll write an article about it. Pete says that's the point. He envisions a book, a talk-show run. Hey, maybe they could write a book and then refuse to go on Oprah with it. The best part: a movie deal! Maybe they can get a series on the WB! Clark suggests that they keep it between them until they know more about it. Pete is impatient. He wants to move on it before the driver of the truck tells someone else. Bubba Red's got mad connections and a CB radio. Clark says it might just be a high-tech crop duster. Pete says that Chloe would never let them live it down if that were true. Yes, we all live in fear that Chloe will have a reason to make fun of us for the rest of our lives. Clark says they'd be the subject of her "Eat Crow" column, for sure. A fate worse than death! Pete asks how Clark thinks they might open the ship. Clark hands Pete a flat-edged crowbar and suggests he work on that while Clark goes to look for missing spaceship posters around town. This ain't Signs, that's for sure.

Kents House of Panic. "And where is it now?" Bo Duke asks Clark. MamaKent asks whether Pete's told anyone. Clark says that he convinced Pete to cancel the press conference. "Very funny," Bo says, getting up. Clark is grinning, so that must have actually been a joke. Bo says that they have to get the ship back. Clark asks whether they just plan to steal it. Bo gives him a psychic platitude that says, "Well, it's not going to steal itself, now, is it?" Clark asks what he'll do if Pete asks where it went. "You'll just have to play dumb," Bo says. "Play"? Clark says he doesn't want to lie anymore. Unless it's lying down with Lex. Clark suggests that he just tell Pete the truth. MamaKent says that even trustworthy people can slip. Just look at Linda Tripp. Man, I so trusted her, and she so screwed me over. Damn her. MamaKent says that their secret is a huge burden Pete may not be ready to take on. Like puberty. That sinks in, but Clark still doesn't seem to like it.

Jitterman, I mean, "Dr. Hamilton" is at the strangely lit hospital, talking to a very nerdy-looking doctor with no chin. Dr. Not by the Chin of His Chinny Chin Anything tells Hammy he had a case that seemed up Dr. Hamilton's alley, even though it's not a cellular mutation of the sort Hamilton is usually interested in. Hamilton, still shakin', asks the room number. Dr. Chin Be Not Proud mentions his student loans. Hamilton gives over some cash. Hey, it beats dealing with HMOs. The doctor notices Hamilton's shaky hand. He says he should get that looked at. Hamilton flattens Dr. Fewer Chins Than a Norwegian Phone Book against the wall and asks again for the room number. These Jittermen just get really impatient.

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