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Hamilton's Lab of Horrors. Papa Luthor is touching the curve of the spaceship. He says that, for all he knows, it could just be a postmodern coffee table. Man, I love me some Papa Luthor. Hammy says that the ship is made of an alloy composed of elements not found on the periodic table. Like Gayonium and Cheesryte. Lionel nods like he knows what Hamilton is talking about. Hamilton says that chemicals in that alloy are present in the meteor rocks. Papa Luthor wants proof. Hamilton lets him finger the flat octagonal hole. That octagon is such a slut. Hamilton has figured out that the octagon piece is a key that will open the ship up and give him the proof he craves like catnip. Papa Luthor says that if Hammy can figure out where that piece is, he just might get his funding. What funding does he need now? Didn't he just find what he was looking for all this time?

The Barnness of Recent Heterotude. Clark walks in on Lana using his telescope to spy on her own house. She tells the truth about wanting to know if it's safe to go home, but she said it in such a way that it sounds like she's totally lying. That's Lana. A conundrum hidden in a fortune cookie, dipped in secret sauce and fried to a golden-bland mystery. Lana tells how she doesn't like Polo Shirt. Clark returns the favor by asking if anyone's resented her for telling the truth. Lana says it happened when she told Jocko Whitney how she felt about their long-distance relationship. I wonder if Clark wanted her to dig a little further back than last week. Clark marvels that Lana really did it: "I didn't think you'd follow through on that." Lana looks annoyed that Clark has so little faith in her. He asks if she and Jocko will be friends again. "Someday," Lana says. Clark talks about his and Pete's problems, but of course, without specifics. Clark says he wishes he could tell her what the fight is about. "Typical," Lana says. Lana points out the absurdity of Clark talking about honesty and then holding back on the details. She's mad that she told personal stuff and Clark won't return the favor. You know what? Clark sucks this week. No wonder everyone's turning on him. Clark spews some flatulence about how some people aren't comfortable opening up. Lana says nobody's comfortable doing that. In her little world, maybe. Lana says that if you care about someone, you owe it to her to be open. Clark turns it around and says she should talk to Nell about her issues with Polo Shirt. "Hiding the truth only keeps people apart," Lana says. Again, she's got nice makeup this week. Clark stops smiling. Lana leaves.

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