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Bed & Breakfast & Banshee

McDougal Inn, the next morning. Chloe sits outside, holding the gift from Oliver. She looks troubled as she starts to untie the ribbon. Oliver, just coming outside, hangs back in the doorway when he sees her. He smiles just slightly and waits, unseen, for her to open the box. She hesitates, then finally stuffs the unopened gift into her purse. Oliver speaks up: "It's a spoon." She looks up, seeing him for the first time. He explains he bought her a collectible spoon. It was a choice between that or some decorative soaps, he says, but now he's realizing she didn't really need either one. She gets up and takes a few steps towards him, meeting him halfway in more than one way: "I'm partial to sporks myself, but a girl can never have too many spoons." He apologizes for second-guessing himself and them. Chloe smiles and teases him about taking advice about relationships from Clark. He closes the remaining distance between them. Speaking of Clark, Oliver offers a little advice of his own: "Next time you want to take a shower with someone, Chloe, you can just ask me." Strictly for environmental purposes, of course. She laughs and says she wishes she could forget waking up in the shower with Clark. "It couldn't have been that bad," Oliver says with a smile, bringing up Chloe's past feelings for Clark. This whole thing, with characters talking like people who have actual lives and histories and emotions... it's so strange! And awesome! Chloe says all that was a long time ago. Oliver's expression grows a little more serious. "OK, yeah, I did love Clark," Chloe admits with an easy shrug. "A lot. And I waited for years for him to see that, to see me." But he never did, she says, growing thoughtful. "I think more than that, I just wanted someone who would get me." Clark is a good friend but he isn't that person. Oliver glances down until Chloe says it's fine. She assures him the wounds are healed. "Now there's just scars," she says. Oliver thinks about it, narrowing his eyes thoughtfully, and whispers, "It's Clark's loss." He does this adorable little shrug and smile. Stop winning me over, jerkface!

Chloe asks about Oliver's own loss: "I'm sure that Lois didn't have to drag you into the woods kicking and screaming." She sits on the porch railing and Oliver joins her. "Funny thing about scars," he says, "they're always there." Chloe looks sad for a moment and bows her head, not meeting his eyes, until he adds that it doesn't mean the scars haven't healed. "Sometimes they can be kind of cute, too," he adds. Chloe smiles like she can't help herself. He mentions a scar of hers that he's particularly partial to, but she cuts him off with a kiss. She pulls away, smiling, and whispers, "Shh." They smile at each other and the scene ends with a distance shot of them sitting on the porch, nose to nose. The whole thing was sweet and honest and realistic. What show is this?

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