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Bed & Breakfast & Banshee

Talon, night. A very much alive Lois walks into the apartment, Clark trailing behind her. Lois thinks they should skip bed and breakfasts for a while. Clark thinks it could have been worse. Seriously? People were possessed, at least one person died, and you didn't get laid. Your bar is set way too low, dude. Lois basically points out the same thing. "Well, we did get to see the world's largest ball of yarn," Clark says. Heh. "All thanks to my stellar sense of direction," Lois jokes. She says Clark would be lost without her. He smiles, but says nothing. This thing called "silence" is strange and confusing to Lois, so Clark makes his purpose clear by hoisting her up onto the kitchen counter. He kisses her. Tinkly music of impending nookie begins to play. As they kiss, he slides her jacket off her shoulders. Things seem pretty hot and heavy until Lois's cellphone rings. She offers to let it go to voice mail, but Clark says it might be important. She giddily grabs her phone and takes a few steps away from Clark for privacy. She answers and a familiar, computer-modulated voice greets her. "It's you," she breathes. "I was wondering... hoping that you'd call again." She sounds positively smitten. The voice of the "Blur" asks her to get information on Tess. Lois assures him he's come to the right girl. Of course, it's not really the real Blur, since the real Blur is in her living room with a raging boner. Rather, it's Zod, pacing around the Kent home, using Clark's special cellphone. Lois says she wants to help him. Zod pauses to look at a picture of Clark with Jonathan. "You can't tell anyone about it," Zod says. Lois looks back at Clark, who's obliviously flipping through a magazine in the other room. She promises not to tell anyone she's helping him. With a whoosh, Zod is suddenly standing on a rooftop in Metropolis. "I wouldn't ask if weren't a matter of life or death," he says. He hangs up. The music amps up to a shrill, atonal crescendo... and then the episode is over. I bet Zod spends all night sending texts to people, running up Clark's cell phone bill. Ooh, that'd cheese him off!

To wrap up: This episode shows how fun the show can be when the action and dialog are character-driven. When things are plot-driven, you end up with leaden exposition about ancient banshees and portals and Scottish power plays or whatever the hell. It's frustrating, because they have good characters who don't get to be the moving force behind the stories nearly often enough. All in all, though, it was a mostly fun episode, and even the bad parts weren't aggressively bad.

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