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Bed & Breakfast & Banshee

It's nighttime again at the McDougal Inn. Chloe and Oliver have just returned from, it seems, a day of wine tasting. Laughing, Chloe backs into their room, tugging Oliver in with her. She teases that his taste in wine is almost as good as his taste in women. He wraps his arms around her and teases back that she seems to have a little wine on her lips and kisses it away for her. How thoughtful. She giggles and he moves down to her neck. Somehow, she manages to focus long enough to notice that there's a small, neatly wrapped gift box on their bed. Chloe is strangely distraught. "Unless Christmas came early, that better not have my name on it." Oliver snatches the box from the bed and holds it out to her. "Maybe you've just been especially good this year," he says. "Maybe I shouldn't take someone like you for granted." His expression is so open and happy that he looks like a kid. I'm trying to keep in mind that he's actually a would-be murderer and world-class jerk, but he's making it hard! Chloe says she didn't think he was taking her for granted, and takes the box from him. There's a McDougal Inn sticker on it. Oliver, still looking all cute and boyish, waits for her to open it, but Chloe comes to a realization. "Clark said something, didn't he?" Oliver insists it's just a gift but Chloe goes all commitmentphobe on him about how there's some unspoken part to gifts that would make things complicated between them. "I wanted to keep things simple," Chloe says, "you know, with no strings or ribbons!" Oliver looks like he wants to cry. Chloe grabs her jacket and says she's going for a walk. She says she wants to "hit the reset button" when she comes back, but doesn't wait for Oliver's reply. He watches sadly as she goes.

Downstairs, Chloe picks up a kerosene lamp and heads out into the dark, ominous woods. On first viewing, I thought this was a dumb move, but now I realize she wasn't on the porch the night before when the innkeeper told them that screeching wolves live in the forest. Chloe follows a lighted path over a footbridge and sees a woman standing in the distance. Chloe calls out to her. Lightning flashes and the woman's face glows. Chloe makes her way closer to the woman, straining in the darkness for a better look. When Chloe reaches the spot where the woman was standing, she's gone. "So much for a relaxing walk to calm my nerves," Chloe says. As she turns to head back toward the inn, she trips over something in the leaves. It's the desiccated guy's leg. Chloe reaches down and pulls back a bit of wood, revealing his silently screaming, rotted face. The angry elephant trumpets a warning. Chloe gasps and jerks back. "That's definitely not calm!" she says for no reason, sounding a lot like Lois. She turns to get away but runs into the mystery woman. The skeleton mask beneath her skin glows. Chloe tries to run, but the woman grabs her shoulder. There's a flash of light and the bony face transfers to Chloe. A streak of her hair turns pale, although it's hard to tell because her hair's pretty light already. Newly possessed Chloe pants and grins with pleasure at this unexpected turn of events. Commercials!

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