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Bed & Breakfast & Banshee

The newly possessed Lois wanders the halls until she runs into Oliver. He greets her with a friendly "Hey!" then gets an eyeful of her getup. "You got any bagpipes to go with that outfit, lassie?" he jokes. He thinks it's cute that Clark and Lois are having fun. He changes the subject and says he's looking for Chloe. "She took a walk a while ago, she hasn't returned," he says. "I'm getting a little worried about her." Aw. Must... resist... charms! Lois says she was just with Chloe and offers to take him to her. Elsewhere, Clark and Chloe (now fully clothed) are looking for Lois. Clark says that the truck is still there, so she hasn't driven home on her own. Chloe notes that Oliver wasn't in their room, either. "We're definitely being roasted, not toasted, over a bottle of McDougal's finest tonight," Chloe says. Ugh. Clark and Chloe talk about the bathroom incident. She says she completely blanked out. Clark prods: "You don't remember seeing..." He trails off, gesturing vaguely at his body. Chloe is aghast at the possibility. She realizes this means Clark saw her naked, too. He politely says nothing. They head into the woods with Chloe swearing off couple's vacations. "If I don't find Lois, this will be the last vacation I take with anyone," Clark says. That allows Chloe to segue into the nth most awkward topic of discussion of the weekend, what Clark had in mind when he took Lois on a romantic getaway. Specifically, what happened to his concern about the bed part of bed & breakfast? He looks utterly confused, so she basically spells it out for him that he used to be worried about sleeping with non-powered people. Clark, finally catching on, stops her. "My training with Jor-El has helped me to manage my powers better," he says. Now it's Chloe's turn to be confused, so Clark clarifies: "Let's just say that I'm in control... of everything." I'm terribly disappointed we didn't get to see that training session. Disappointed, and still sort of grossed out that Clark planned to sleep with Lois without telling her the truth. Clark changes the subject back to Chloe's blackout and asks about the last thing she remembers. "Oliver and I were having a talk, thanks to someone's overdeveloped protective instincts," she says pointedly. Then she remembers going for a walk in the woods.

She leads him to the spot where she dropped her lamp. Clark sees shallow furrows in the ground leading to a pair of legs only half-hidden beneath forest debris. They rush over and see the dead guy's desiccated corpse. "This is so not the weekend I had in mind," Chloe says. The corpse is all, "You and me both, sister." Clark asks if Chloe thinks she was the one responsible. She's horrified at the possibility for a few moments, then remembers that there was someone else out in the woods with her. "There was a face," she says, "like a phantom." Chloe describes it as "black, white and weird all over." Ugh. I wish a phantom would possess me right now so I could black out and forget this dialogue! Alas, it goes on as Chloe says: "And since this is where my memory hits a roadblock, I'm guessing that spirit started driving this dune buggy." Seriously, if there are any banshees around, now's your chance! I'm all yours! Chloe figures she must have been possessed, the lucky wench. Clark says they need to find the spirit before it kills again. While they stand around frowning at each other and the dead guy, a possessed Lois is leading Oliver through another part of the woods. Oliver grumps about Chloe going off for a walk in the woods. "I hope she left a trail of breadcrumbs, because if she didn't we might never find our way out of here." "Oh, I'll be leaving these woods," Lois says, then slams Oliver against a nearby tree. "But you won't." I wondered why she was waiting so long to kill him, but now I realize she was waiting for him to give her an opening for that line. She hurls him through the trees, still holding onto his jacket. It's sort of funny-looking. They land with a thud. As Oliver stares up at Lois, the skeletal banshee face flashes beneath her own. Commercials!

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