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Commercials. Fast & Furious. I am bored & dubious, despite the huge box office this movie made in its debut weekend. Why, America? WHY!?!

Isis. Clark arrives with a whoosh to discover the place looks torn apart. A lamp is lying on the floor, the bulb flickering. I just noticed: when did they replace the wallpaper with what appears to be giant concert speakers? Clark looks around, calling for Chloe. He finds her laptop open and there's a blueprint on the screen. On it is a small "CONSOLE" and a "CONTAINMENT UNIT." The blueprint helpfully shows an area within it called "LIQUID." Did a 4-year-old create this blueprint? It's more blue than print. Clark moves his eyes and we see the containment unit connected to the LUTHORCORP PROMETHEUS LAB which contains the LIQUID METEOR ROCK CONTAINMENT UNIT. Ah, it all comes together now. Forgive me for doubting. "Dr. Grohl's lab," Clark says to no one in particular. "Chloe!" he reasons. Wow, the neurons are really firing this week, eh, Clark? He whooshes out.

Containment lab. A giant cylinder of glowing green is right up in our faces. Davis is standing in a glass cell below that vat, waiting. Chloe is standing nearby, crying, next to a giant Las Vegas slot-machine-style lever. I think Davis will only die if she gets three cherries. Davis gulps. "So," he says. Chloe, who a minute ago didn't want to have anything to do with this murdering creep, is now very emotional. "I can't," she says, "I'm sorry." Davis says he finally found a way out of this. He doesn't want Chloe to take that away from him. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find someone else to pull a damned lever. Hell, you could probably rent a very smart chimp to do it. Davis begs her to pull the lever. Chloe takes a deep breath. She puts her hand on the thing. "I can't kill you, Davis," she whines. Chloe's hair suddenly moves as Clark enters the room. He grabs her and pulls her away from the lever. He asks her what she's doing. Uh... nothing? Just, er, playing slots? Come on, Lucky 7's! Davis says it's his life, and he can take it if he wants. Actually, you wanted Chloe to take it. Nice Catholic loophole there, dude. (On Krypton, it's spelled "Ka-Tholic." - Z] Clark thinks he's trying to be a martyr. Chloe says that's not what it's about. Davis, pained, says he wants this to end. He can't live with himself. Clark walks dramatically, sideways, toward the glass cell. He says everything that's happened to Davis is because of him. "We should have been brothers!" Clark says. Everyone wants a half-monster, world-destroying brother. That's just good sibling rivalry! Davis looks hurt. Clark says Davis didn't have a home. He says he wonders what would have happened if the Luthors had found him in the field instead. True, they might have soured his personality and made him all psycho, but I doubt Clark would have turned into a Doomsday monster. Clark makes it sound like the Luthors are what caused Davis to become a serial killer. His argument doesn't really work. Clark says he could have turned out different. Davis says Clark didn't; he was destined to have the better life. Davis, who's making a lot more sense, says no matter what they do, they'll always return to their true nature. True Nature, by the way, is a very tasty organic snack bar you can buy at Whole Foods. Davis turns away. He calls for Chloe to pull the lever and let him end this. Clark tells her not to. Clark thinks she has to give it another chance. "It's not set in stone," he says. Clark, you fucking idiot, it's exactly set in stone. Did you forget the Caves of Contrivance?

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