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Davis says to Clark, "You know that you should let me die." Clark says there must be something in his life worth giving it one more try. Say, maybe a favorite George Michael song! Chloe is still teary. She looks down. Eight seasons and no Emmy. It's enough to make anyone cry. "It isn't always about where your heart is," Davis says slowly, "it's about what you've done and what you're going to do." Sad music. He says he was sent here to destroy the world. He gasps and his voice hitches. Davis hurts. He doubles over. "Clark," he says. Yeah, I have that reaction to Clark, too. Davis goes all monster. His eyes go red. He growls, "There aren't enough prayers... in this world... to give me REDEMPTION!" What an articulate beast! Clark is banging on the glass, which he learned somewhere other than an exotic pet store, calling for Davis. Davis stands up and looks ready to leap through the glass. Chloe scrambles and pulls the lever. Bright green Kryptofluid sprays all over Davis. Clark also falls to the ground in pain, clutching his stomach. Chloe pulls him back. Davis goes to his knees, looking nauseated. Chloe cries. Davis, eyes still red, looking straight at us. Green fluid is all over his face. It looks like a Gatorade commercial. Everything wipes to white as he remembers one more thing.

A town car stops on a Metropolis street. The license plate says LUTHRII. A henchman is dropping Li'l Bloomey off. "What are we doing here?" the boy asks. The henchman hands him a backpack. With a hint of regret, the man says he was told to drop Bloomey off here. He goes into the car. "But who's going to meet me?" Bloomey asks. The henchman gets into the backseat of the car and tries to look away. Bloomey looks down and cries. Then he gets mad. His eyes go red. The henchman looks over and his eyes go wide. A beastly fist breaks through the window. We flash again to white.

Davis is still dying, baptized by the green stuff. Chloe is crying some more. You would think he'd be disintegrating or rotting or something, right? Chloe goes to the glass. She bends down to where Davis is sitting. Davis turns to her. She puts her hand against the glass. Davis puts his hand there, too. Clark watches, slowly standing up. Davis's hand slips. He closes his eyes. Clark breathes deeply. More crying for Chloe. So long, sweet destroyer.

Commercials. This commercial reminds me I haven't eaten Starbursts in a long time. I guess it worked.

Talon, daytime. Clark, again without knocking, enters Chloe's apartment. She's got a fire going and is wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. "How you holdin' up?" Clark asks. Awesome. Best day ever. Thanks for asking, dick. Chloe, without turning, says she's had better days. She's holding a photo in her hand. "That's saying a lot in Smallville," she adds. "And Davis is..." Chloe begins. Clark says he talked to Oliver, who will take care of the details. Clark says they need to talk about things. Chloe says defiantly that she wouldn't change her actions. Clark thinks there's always another way. Yeah, look how great letting Lex live for so long turned out. Chloe says Davis could have killed Clark. She's not willing to risk the safety of the world over Clark's ethics. "Because you refuse to stop the things that threaten you," she adds. Clark looks at the photo. It's a drawing of the two-headed creature from the Kawatche Caves. Oh, it is set in stone! My bad! Clark says Jarnelle warned him against the ultimate destroyer. He complains that it wasn't much of a fight. Clark stands up. He puts the photo in the fireplace. Hey! That wasn't yours! Clark says that when he was a kid, he had a nightmare that when he landed in that field, nobody found him. I thought you didn't know about your alien origins until you were a teenager. Chloe says that the nightmare was Davis's life. Clark stares at the fire. He says he always thought it was a burden to know he was destined to save people. He can't imagine what it's like to live your life knowing no matter what you did, you were doomed. Or Doomsday'd, even. Chloe stares.

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