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Talon. Chloe is arriving with one bag of groceries. It's apparently all veggies. She hears a noise coming from a nearby door. She opens it and goes down to the basement. Why are all those locks on the inside of the door? Is it to keep zombies out? Scary music plays as Chloe looks around. Why are there so many lights down here? "Don't be afraid," Chloe hears. It's Davis. He looks no worse for wear. "You're alive," Chloe says. Damn, I sure hope so, or this will be very creepy. She asks about the meteor rocks. "They made me stronger," he says. Ah. I see. Well, that was a mistake, then. She asks if that makes him invulnerable. He steps forward. "I'm immortal," he says. That's even worse! Chloe breathes heavily. She says that means Clark is in danger. She starts to walk back toward the door. She thinks no matter what Davis does, he'll still try to kill Clark. "I won't kill Clark if I'm with you!" he says. Worst pick-up line ever. "What?!" Chloe says. She asks what this has to do with her. Davis explains that there's something about Chloe that calms the murderer inside him. Is it boobies? Chloe says that it's his true nature. Davis shakes his head. He wonders if there's something stronger out there than his need to kill. Nookie? "Will you stay with me?" he asks. The Closed Captioning instead worded it, "I want you to stay with me," which is a little more forceful. The hearing-impaired are watching a whole different show, it seems. Chloe blinks and looks up at the basement door. She looks back at Davis. The moment stretches. She walks up the stairs. Haunting music plays. Drums. A chorus. She hesitates at the top of the stairs. Davis watches. Instead of opening the door, she slides the lock closed. It's business time!

Next week: Lois is a hero named Stiletto. Let's see if I even make it through that one.

Discuss this episode in our forums, then read our handy, currently Stiletto-free guide to the Superheroes (and Villains) of Smallville! And check back next week for the full weecap!

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