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Tess: I can't print this.
Clark: You need to print this!
Clark's City Editor: Whoah, whoah, whoah, what the fuck? Why are you asking the publisher to print your story? Are you trying to get me fired?

Tess says there are no facts in Clark's story. Ha! I knew it. It's probably all, "A terrible THING is attacking this city and someone must ACT! Maybe YOU, dear READER! Love, CLARK KENT." In my mind, everything Clark writes is full of all-caps. "You don't care about these victims?" Clark asks, which is so beside the point that the point is getting uncomfortable from the distance between them. Tess doesn't say anything. Clark thinks she's going to sweep it under the rug. Clark, maybe your article just sucks. Did you ever think about that? You've been a reporter for, what, six weeks? You think you're ready for the Pulitzer already? Goddamn, I wish I was Clark's editor right now so I could fire his sorry ass and then post his "article" on the Poynter Web site as an example of what's disastrous about running senior reporters out of the business. Tess says, "Great, another conspiracy theory, because I love those." I don't think she really does. Tess, who is wearing pretty large diamond earrings, tells him to look closely. She says Clark won't find a web of lies behind this façade. Did she just admit she's putting up a façade? "That would be your department," she warns. Clark very successfully fails to have an expression through that whole exchange.

Chloe's Talon apartment. Davis is in the kitchen cooking while Chloe sits in the dining area with her laptop. He rubs his eyes, crying. Ah, the old "I'm just chopping onions" bit. Oh, TV, will you ever stop surprising us? Chloe shuts her computer and tells him he didn't have to cook her dinner. Chloe presents his cell phone and says she managed to override his settings, retrieve his addresses and change his applications so that he won't erase them all with the touch of one button. That seems like a dubious phone if it can do that. And how many addresses does Davis need to remember? I thought he had no friends or family. He calls her the teacher's pet/Miss Know-It-All. Chloe teases that he has a sense of humor and he can cook. In an aside that makes me scratch my head, Davis says that the only thing on the menu in his foster homes was mac & cheese. [I think he meant that was what he was cooking, so she shouldn't be impressed -- or ask why he's putting onions in it. Although that does sound kinda good. - Z]

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