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I'm A Hustler, Baby

Kent Farm. Bo says he's going to go get his citified hustling son. MamaKent asks how. Bo says that if he doesn't go get Clark now, they may lose him forever. To UPN? Bo kisses MamaKent. Why does he have to go alone? MamaKent looks sad and conflicted as Bo leaves her. Bo goes to the barn and finds the octagonal piece in the red toolbox. He removes the rag and takes the piece with him.

The Lair of Big-Headed Rutger Hauer, which is actually just the club after it's closed down and mostly empty. It's very moody with harsh overhead lighting and the general Metropolis blue color scheme. As Clark walks in with the goons, The Edge says he's glad Clark reconsidered his offer. Clark says that his past is catching up with him, and he needs to disappear. The Edge hands over a check. Clark whistles. Evil people must whistle a lot. Clark admires the number of zeros in the check. The Edge wants Clark to break into a secure building and get a valuable package. He says that the titanium safe isn't a job for mere mortals. Clark says it sounds like easy money. The Edge reveals that he wants Clark to go to LuthorCorp Plaza -- specifically, to Papa Luthor's office. Clark says that's no prob. In fact, it's his pleasure.

On the isle that has suddenly become Lord of the Flies, Lewis is calling out for Lex, but stops just short of calling him "Piggy." Lewis scratches his back with his machete and says he knows every inch of the island. Lex, completely scared, runs right toward Lewis in an open clearing. Bad move! Lex dodges some machete swipes. Lex grabs at the machete hand, but is taken from behind (ahem) by Lewis. Lex manages to knock Lewis down and starts hacking at him with the machete, yelling loudly. He hacks and hacks and hacks insanely until.... "Hey, mon!" We get two stereotypes for the price of one in this episode: Now it's a Jamaican dude with a flashlight saying, "Wot happ'nin'?" Oh. Man. Lex, bloody, shakes his head and says he had to do it. He says he had to kill him. "Kill who?" Jamaican Mon asks. "Him!" Lex yells and points down at where Lewis should be. However, it's just seaweed and sand. Jamaican Mon says dey nobody dere, mon. Lex goes crazy, looking for Lewis in the weeds. Jamaican Mon says that the islands will mess with your head. I guess! Jamaican Mon says Lex is lucky his captain saw Lex's fire. Lex is still on a Lewis trip, insisting that he was real and not an imaginary volleyball turned murderous human. "He was real!" Lex yells, and we go to commercials.

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