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I'm A Hustler, Baby

Outside, we get more helicopter and SWAT footage. Clark walks right out the front door, where he's met by a bunch of police cars. The super LadyCop from last season is holding a megaphone. She tells Clark to drop his weapon. Clark reaches into his jacket. The SWAT team fires on him. Clark is unfazed. He takes a few bullets, and then eye-ejaculates at the hood of a police car. Clark, don't ejaculate on something the taxpayers just bought! Cops scatter as the police cruiser blows up good. LadyCop looks shaken. She runs over to where Clark was standing and finds a bunch of spent bullets and a mask with a bunch of holes in it.

Cut to a shady part of town with an elevated train in the background. Clark superspeeds into the scene with a triumphant smile.

Kent Farm at dusk. Inside, a copy of the Daily Planet carries the headline, "Masked Man continues to rampage Metropolis." Is that really correct usage for "Rampage"? Sneaky Pete is in the house with MamaKent and Bo Duke. I managed to forget about Pete almost completely over the summer; he is now wearing his signature yellow jacket. He says that Clark's crimes keep getting bigger and bigger. MamaKent says they can't be sure it's Clark. Pete says it is Clark, but he says it in a way meant to stretch his presence to three whole lines. Close-up on the photo in the paper. It shows LadyCop pointing a gun at Clark in the foreground, and a masked Clark standing off in the distance. Bo tells Pete to get in the truck. He's going to get his coat. MamaKent tells Pete to wait, and goes to ask Bo where he's going. Bo says he's going to get Clark. MamaKent says that Clark knows what the red stuff does, and can take the ring off anytime. Bo says he doesn't know that for sure. Ignorance is the pious man's Kryptonite. MamaKent says that the phone calls are a first step. Bo says he doesn't want to sit around this farmhouse and not do anything anymore. Wow, I guess without Clark to do the chores, the farm's really gone to shit, huh? MamaKent asks what Bo will do if he does find Clark. MamaKent does some exposition about how much they've been searching for Clark and how they filed a missing person's report. Nobody was able to ID Clark from those ATM cameras? MamaKent emphatically makes the point that Clark doesn't want to be found. She comforts a shaken Bo and says that Clark will come home when he's ready. And after he's drained Metropolis of her precious, precious cash. MamaKent says that they have to have faith. You heard her, people. Let's try to muster up some faith for Season Three.

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