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Sniper? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Kent home. Clark is waking up. "He's coming, too!" MamaKent says. Who's the first person coming? Clark pops up like it ain't no thang. Bo asks how he's feeling. Super? Clark says he's woozy. MamaKent advises him to lie down and take it easy. Lying down and taking it easy? That sounds like a job for Superman! Clark says he needs to go find Van. Which one? Helsing? Wilder? The skateboard shoe? ["The one down by the river?" -- Wing Chun] Bo tells Clark to get some rest. Clark can't rest with McNulty out there holding a hit list. Bo and MamaKent are worried that the guy has Kryptonite bullets. Clark, shirtless, goes upstairs. He says he knows what he's up against. Somebody knocks at the door. The sheriff is there. She asks if Clark is all right. Clark's come down the stairs, looking mighty fine. She says that the rumors of Clark's death have been greatly exaggerated. She actually looks glad to see him safe. She sees the bloody shirt, hanging hygienically on the stair banister. She asks if everything is all right. Bo says it was a barbed-wire accident. Clark asks how she knew about his (ahem) death. She says that Dispatch received a call that he'd been murdered. Clark asks who would have called that in. She doesn't know, but it's annoying. They don't record their 911 calls? Sheriff Cheshire is distracted by a call on her radio. As soon as she looks up, Clark is gone.

Clark uses the sheriff's radio to tell Van that he didn't finish the job, and to meet him where he saw his dad's photo. Won't every cop in the area hear Clark's little invitation?

We cut to Van McNulty holding Lana with his arm around her neck. He shoves her into the trunk of a car. He puts his gun against her neck and says he doesn't know how Clark survived that last shot, but that he won't survive a whole clip. The trunk closes. Commercials! Why can't we just end here, with Lana in a trunk and Clark healthy and shirtless? Sigh...

Smallville High at night. Creepy music. Clark won't be bleeding again, so we see him in blue flannel. He's prowling the halls. Van McNulty appears. (Couldn't Clark have known where he was with his x-ray vision and just superspeeded at him to save Lana? I guess that would be too easy.) McNulty says he's not going to let Clark survive this time. Dastardly! He tells McNulty to let Lana go. McNulty wants to show Lana that Clark is a freakshow. Hey, that freakshow is called Smallville, holmes. McNulty throws Lana aside roughly, pushing her by the neck. Lana falls and hits her head on the floor, but doesn't go unconscious. McNulty raises his gun and aims for Clark. He fires repeatedly. Lana screams, "Claaaaaark!" from the floor. Clark takes the bullets in the chest. Why doesn't McNulty go for a head shot? Clark magically survives. McNulty and Lana are amazed. He calls Clark a freak again. Lana stands up, angry, and kicks Van in the McNulties. She roundhouse-kicks him into a trophy case. She makes it look so easy. Lana goes to Clark and asks how he survived. Clark says it's all about dressing for the occasion. He opens his shirt to reveal a bullet-proof vest, albeit one that looks a little reptilian -- green slugs are embedded in it. Lana asks what it is. It's lead. Clark rips it off and throws it aside like a cummerbund. There's that bare chest again. Lana cries at the sight of it.

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