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Sniper? I Hardly Know 'Er!

Lair of Lex. Clark walks in as Lex sits at a piano, but he's not playing. Clark tells him that McNulty is in custody. Lex tells Clark he knew the kid was misguided, but he doesn't think Van McNulty is insane. Lex quotes Churchill: "Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge." Deep, dude. Lex says that maybe the kid was right about him. Clark says that McNulty is a fanatic. But what about Chloe? Lex asks. Lex says he's come face-to-face with death several times without a scratch. He's getting a God complex and seems to have forgotten the many scratches he came back with from the island. Clark says that weirder things have happened. Lex says he always thought he survived the Porsche accident because of Clark, but now he's not so sure. Lex says he thinks the truth might be inside his own physiology. "Maybe I am a freak," Lex says. He's a freak-LUVAH!

Kent Farm, outside. Lana pulls up in her maroon SUV. Clark is gardening or some damn thing. Wussy music plays about being on the outside looking in. Outside of cool music looking in? Clark asks what's up. Lana, in her little pink top, says she thought they established that they didn't need a reason to visit each other. Er, you established that. Clark just nodded. Clark tells Lana that she "really kicked ass" yesterday. I reach over to try to get my cat to claw my eyes, but she runs off. Lana says that Clark still got shot. She touches his rib and says he must be pretty sore. She's warm for your form, Clark! Clark says it stings a little. Not the bullets -- Lana's evil touch. Lana says she believed Van McNulty (pray the name comes back) when he said that Clark was bulletproof. Lana said it was comforting to hear because everything made sense: the tornado, all the times he's been there, all the things she can't explain. Clark just wastes an opportunity to get it over with by saying he wishes the answer were that easy. He says he wasn't infected by the meteor rocks. Lana says that if he had been, it would be okay. Clark looks at her wistfully. He says he has to get back to work. He goes into the garden and closes the gate. Lana says she doesn't understand how Clark can walk into bullets for her but he won't share what's inside. Lana, do you know anything about men at all? Study a history book, jeez. Lana says that if Clark doesn't open up to the people who love him, he'll always be alone. She asks how he can live like that. Last I checked, Clark didn't seem alone. He's got his parents, his friends, a token black dude for a friend, a dead wolf girlfriend, a gay lover. I'd say Clark's pretty set. Clark says he may not have a choice. "You always have a choice," Lana says. Clark sighs.

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