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Sniper? I Hardly Know 'Er!

At The Torch, Chloe is deleting files off her crazy "Groove Is In The Heart" computer desktop. She tries deleting files, but they all say "File locked," and don't allow it. "You hit a glitch, Miss Sullivan?" we hear someone say in a bastardous tenor. Papa Luthor squats a bit next to Chloe and squints at the gorgeous green monitor. He says he has a computer technician who's familiar with her setup and may be able to help. Chloe asks herself how she could be so stupid. Papa Luthor donates the computers and sends his experts to set them up. I thought they said earlier in the episode that Van McNulty helped set up the network. Papa Luthor says he prides himself on his philanthropy. Chloe asks how he can do that to their personal computers. Papa Luthor says, quite rightly, that her "personal" computer is on loan from the LuthorCorp foundation. Sucks to be you, Chloe. "You are so low, you're subterranean," Chloe says. She tells him that Clark's file isn't on her computer. She asks if he thought she'd be that stupid. Well, she was kinda stupid about the rest of this situation. Papa Luthor says he's not just looking for dirt on Clark; he's interested in her whole body of work. He says he'd hate to see all her valuable research disappear, but that he won't allow anyone to have info on his son that can be hacked by anyone. He gets angry toward the end of that. Chloe is scared. She chokes up. She says she's sorry about what happened to Lex, and that those files weren't meant to be seen by anyone else. "I warn you," Papa Luthor begins, "if I ever catch you investigating a member of my family again, a computer glitch will be the least of your problems." Chloe really looks scared now. Papa Luthor says goodnight. Wow. He completely and totally rocks on all levels that a rock can rock.

God I hate Vertical Horizon. Next week: Lake Flaccid. Guest starring the music of REM. Way to go, WB.

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