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Hey, Big Dumb Alien coming through! Clark walks right into the office where there are no guards and the door isn't locked. He looks at a computer where an image of Lois lying on the table is showing. She's about to get skewered by hot pokers. Clark superzips through a glass door that was probably also unlocked. The machinery already landed, but apparently Lois never got poked. Clark lifts it up. Kryptonite gas sprays at him. "Clark?" Lois says. Clark stumbles. MamaScab cracks him across the head with a big board. Yes! She walks around in triumph like a WWE wrestler, but then Lois kicks her in the face with a bare foot. MamaScab falls. Lois gets free. Her plastic-clad bits jiggle as she helps Clark up. MamaScab tries again: she grabs a scalpel and lunges for Lois. "Bitch," Lois says as she kicks the woman in the face again. MamaScab falls. Lois and Clark escape. Yawn.

Friday Night Lights was filmed around Austin and Odessa. And it doesn’t look bad, really. You know, if you're into football and movies and, uh, shaky camera movement.

Lana at The Talon. Lana starts to painfully tell Jason something, but she says she doesn't want to sound stuck-up. "I already know you're stuck-up," Jason deadpans, adding that he was meaning to talk to her about that. See? He's not so bad, guys. I hope he keeps Lana's shit in check. She says he's funny. "And cute, huh?" he says and gives her a little Ferris Bueller grin. Seriously, he's all right. Lana says she's being serious. Why? That was so much better. Lana whines about her cheerleading days. Her face is a little scratched up. She says she remembered all the times Jason told her she was beautiful. She wonders how much of the real her Jason sees. He tells her he says that because of who she is, not how she looks. "Because you UGLY!" says my wife. (She's stopped reading the paper.) Jason says he likes the girl who kicks the crap out of him at Xbox and thinks it's hysterical. Folks, I think this really is love. He says he's seen her with the stomach flu when her eyes were puffy, her nose was running, and she was yakking-- Lana stops him. Aw, dude, I really wanted to hear more. Lana suddenly believes him. Jason says the reason he loves her (he said he loves her!) isn't something she can see in a mirror. With funky leprosy. He jokes that he's going to write that down and use it later. Lana giggles. I really and truly don't hate Lana here. She just needed someone other than Clark to bring out some of her better qualities. I'm just glad it's not Lex.

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