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A loud Avril song about happy endings plays while Clark sits, wearing shorts on the dunk tank. Jason tosses Lois a football. "Keep your eye on the target," he tells her. Chloe watches. Where's Lana? Clark calls out to Lois, asking if the boys on the base taught her anything. "Wouldn't you like to know," she responds. Lois says that Clark's going down. "That'll be the day," he says. The day he hangs out with Lex? People cheer and chant for a dunk. Lois winds up and hits the target. Clark is dunked. Chloe and everyone else cheer. Clark emerges, soaking wet. Lois comes over to him, smiling huge, and messes with his hair. Clark splashes some water at her. Everything goes to slow motion. Clark tosses water from his mane. He's smiling huge, too. Chloe notices Clark and Lana making googly eyes at each other. Chloe's big smile turns to a thoughtful frown. "So much for my happy ending," the song says emphatically as we cut to black. I said it in the recaplet, and I'll say it again: why bother to bring Chloe back to life if you're just going to kick the shit out of her for another season?

Next week: aphrodisiacs and Chloe in a cheerleading outfit. More humiliation. Nevertheless? We're there, dude.

Recap addendum: I was literally typing the subject line to send in this recap when I heard the news about Christopher Reeve. For people my age, the first Superman movie was not just life-changing. It was life-defining. It made us want to be the good hero, even as we jumped around the living room in our Underoos with a towel tied with a clothespin around our neck. I can't even react right now because it doesn't seem real, but writers far better than I will in the coming days conjure words to speak not only of Christopher Reeve's talent and charisma, but of how he inspired people even more after his life-changing accident. ["Here's one eulogy by our own Sars." -- Wing Chun] For this little corner of the internet, I can say that he made this show far better in the little bit of time we got to see him, and that he had a lot to do with the high quality of the best episode they've ever produced. It was nice that Margot Kidder just guest-starred, because it made me think of both her and Reeve and how great they were together and how their faces, their lines, and their movies were such a wonderful, wonderful part of my childhood. So, goodbye Christopher Reeve. For as far back as I can even remember, you were always super and you were always my hero.

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