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Alien Vs. Predator-Dork

Out in the alley. Clark looks down a ways and sees Invisalyin' just standing there. Clark super-zips over and grabs him. "Amazing what you can learn when you're a fly on a wall," Invisalyin' says. He's holding a glowing piece of Kryptonite. As Clark buckles and falls, Invisalyin' says the rocks that hurt Clark gave him the greatest life he could ask for. He was driving through town during the meteor shower. He says that being a hero might be a rush, but it's nothing compared to using your powers to kill. Clark says he saved Invisalyin's life. "You should have taken the plasma!" Invisalyin' says. Yeah! Invisalyin' says that his identity is in jeopardy. He has to get rid of Clark, Lex and Lana. What about Lois? Goddammit, WHAT ABOUT LOIS!? Invisalyin' says you don't leave loose ends in his line of work. Clark says he'll never get away with it. There's twenty whole minutes left. "I always do," Invisalyin' says. He smacks Clark in the face with the rock. The camera does a bird's-eye view of Clark getting ass-kicked. Dramatic music, but no commercial break.

Smallville Medical Center. Lana is at Lex's bedside as he stirs. She's concerned. "Hey," Lex says. Lana tells him that he's not supposed to talk. Whisper all your dialogue like Lana. Lex touches his neck and says that he's not supposed to do a lot of things. He asks whether they caught the guy. Lana tells him they will. She asks who'd do this to Lex. He says that it could be lots of people, but adds that he won't make it easy for them: "I have too much to live for." Lana blushes. Lex thanks Lana for being there. He notes that there isn't a crowd of well-wishers waiting for him. Lana tells him he did have one visitor -- Clark. "Really," Lex says. Would Lana mind leaving next time Clark comes by? Lex needs to get his throat back in shape. Lex says it sucks that it takes a near-death experience to bring old friends together. He wonders how he'll fake his death every time he gets horny. Lana pours some water. Lex asks Lana whether she told Clark about them. Lana says that she doesn't owe Clark anything, especially the truth. Lex says that he knows Lana is angry, but Clark deserves "a modicum of respect." Just a modicum. Lana says that it's not about anger; it's about her wanting to be an independent squirrel, er...woman. Lex asks Lana not to let Clark find out from someone else first. Yeah, that would suck. Lana is like, "Fuck. Damn. Whatevers."

Lois, in a yellow top, stares at herself in the mirror. Is that mirror wide-angled? Chloe, calling Lois's name, bursts through the door, moving the mirror. Chloe asks where Clark went. Lois says that Clark busted in and then took off, and that she really wasn't paying attention. Nice. Lois throws on an ugly green jacket and says that she's tired of Clark's disapproval of her dating. She asks why Clark Kent is so obsessed with her love life. Chloe tells Lois that her new boyfriend is a professional hitman. Lois rolls her eyes. "Of course he is," she says, hurt. Chloe says that they need to find Clark. They go to do that.

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