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Alien Vs. Predator-Dork

Out in the hall, Lex and Lana run in slow motion. Invisalyin', holding his bleeding gut, raises his gun to fire. Clark suddenly appears. He sees the scene. Lex and Lana dive. Lex's neck snaps like a twig. (No, not really.) Invisalyin' shoots his gun. Clark super-zips and blocks the bullet. Invisalyin' dies from the effort of firing a single bullet. He falls. Lex and Lana look back. They hug each other. "You saved my life," Lana says to Lex, putting her head on his shoulder. Clark, holding the spent and squashed bullet in his hand, watches, bitterly.

Kent Farm, daytime. The cows wonder how they're gonna wrap up the season in two more episodes. MamaKent is reading the newspaper in the kitchen and drinking from the bovine mug I covet so. Lois Lane walks in without knocking. Lois tells MamaKent that she has one senator's vote. MamaKent doesn't sound thrilled. One vote doesn't pay the bills, Missy. MamaKent, wearing a snazzy green outfit, asks how Lois is doing after the whole dating-a-serial-killer thing. Lois pretends that she's fine. She says that it's her way of "livin' la vida loca." Please don't ever say that again. Lois says she's seeing a disturbing trend in her dating: she attracts bad dudes. MamaKent says that she doesn't believe that. Lois asks why she can't meet a decent guy from a decent family who isn't a psychopath. With Clark, you might get one or two out of three of those. MamaKent sighs. She says that when she was Lois's age, she met her share of losers. Ooh, how many? MamaKent says that she used to attract the dark, mysterious type, too. That's hot, MamaKent. "Until I met Jonathan," she says. That's totally not hot. Lois says that when her Bo Duke comes along, she's afraid she'll miss him. Was this scene really necessary? It clunks like a clunky clunker from Clunkerton, Clunkstervania. MamaKent says that Lois needs to keep a closer watch, and that the bad relationships happen for a reason: to help you recognize the good ones. Lois goes, "Hmm." Scene over.

You're still here? Daily Planet. Clark, grinning, holds up a copy of the front page against a window and points to a headline, as Chloe watches. It reads, "Chameleon Hitman Killed, LuthorCorp CEO Safe Reported by Chloe Sullivan." The story says his name was "Christopher Boyer." Where did "Graham" come from? Clark congratulates Chloe on her first front-page byline. Chloe says that Clark deserves all the credit. Clark says that it's more like blame. He's not sure he wants to save people if it'll get others killed. Chloe asks whether he has a choice. She says that if you see someone drowning, you throw them a rope. Clark asks whether the world might not be better off with some of these people gone. Chloe says that it's not Clark's choice to make. Dumb-ass. She says doctors or firefighters don't think like that. You save first, ask questions later. Clark grudgingly concedes the point, but says it's not always that easy. Chloe brings up Lex. Clark says that he should never have questioned Chloe's friendship. Chloe understands, and says it's no walk in the park to see someone you love in someone else's arms. Damn Clark for making Chloe have this conversation. Clark asks why Lana would date Lex of all the people in the world. Proximity? Riches? Sexy? Chloe says that you can't control whom your ex-girlfriend dates. "You have no idea how hard it was to see them like that," he says. Asshole! Of course she does! Clark is the worst friend ever. Clark says he couldn't breathe. Chloe tries very hard not to strangle himand she says she knows how much it must have hurt. She suggests Clark move on, like Lana has.

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