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Alien Vs. Predator-Dork

Credits. Commercials. Poseidon. It's Titanic if you 86 the love story.

Kent Home. Suddenly, the place sounds like my house. Some loud videogame is on and there's a fifty-inch flat-screen TV in the living room, as Clark and MamaKent arrive. They see Lois Lane sitting and playing what might be Dynasty Warriors and yelling stuff to herself like, "Die Samurai, die! Wanna piece of this?" Lois would be incredibly perfect on Xbox Live. She's tearing the hell out of her wireless Nyko controller and telling "General" that she's got him. Clark interrupts Lois, and the screen tells her, "Defeat." If only life could give her as clear a signal. Lois tells Clark that he killed her. If only. MamaKent asks where this evil, devil stuff came from. The Kents' sad little twelve-inch TV sits in a corner holding its itty bitty TV penis. Lois says there's a card somewhere that came with the new items. She says that Christmas came early "in high-def surround sound, no less." I'm not even going to say anything. Let her have her fun. Lois says delivery guys were unloading these things when she got there. "Did you win a raffle or something, Smallville?" she asks Clark. Clark doesn't think so. Lois finds the card. It reads, "Clark." Lois says that she's going to get to work. The political system is no longer safe. Inside the card, it says, "Enjoy!" Clark says that he doesn't need a signature to know it's from Papa Luthor. I really don't think he puts circles on his exclamation points, Clark. Maybe little skulls.... Clark says that he warned Papa to stay out of their lives and this is his way of buying himself back in. In that case, he got himself a bargain. MamaKent doesn't think he'd do that, but she goes to call and check. Clark stares at the TV. You know you want it, Clark. TNT high-def reruns of Dukes Of Hazzard? Whaddaya say?

Daily Planet, daytime. Clark walks past worker bees and ringing telephones, until Chloe jams a front page in his face. She asks whether he remembers that trial that was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. It didn't just happen? Chloe tells Clark that the key witness was murdered in the basement of the courthouse. "In the basement?" Clark asks. It's below the building. Nice job with your super-hearing there, Clark. Was Survivor on in your head? Chloe says the prosecution in this vague case no longer has a case and that it's gone from legal to lethal. Too bad they didn't let you write the headline, Chloe.

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