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Alien Vs. Predator-Dork

Kent Farm, daytime. Clark is holed up in his loft again. He's staring at a framed photo of Lana. Wow, Clark has a pretty full bookshelf. Does he use them for hammering nails? Clark puts the photo face-down on his little coffee table, and then shoves it off, making it sail away and break. Clark is totally in a funk. "Let me guess," says a voice in the room without Clark having detected movement with his super-hearing. Invisalyin', doing a bad Christian Slater squint, picks up the broken picture frame and says, "Bad breakup?" For us? Not really. Invisalyin' says he's had a few of those. Clark recognizes him as the guy from the courthouse. "You're a tough man to please!" Invisalyin' says. You gotta hit the taint first, buddy. He asks about the TV. "You sent that!" Clark surmises. Brilliant, Clark. Invisalyin' says Clark saved his life and that it was the least he could do. Clark asks how Invisalyin' found him. He says that Clark's press-pass gave him a name and being familiar with the area led him to the Kent farm. Invisalyin' says that he drove through town the year before on business. "If the big screen's not your thing, what is?" Invisalyin' asks. Do you know George Clooney? Clark tells him that his "thank you" is fine, and that he doesn't need to be repaid. Now, if he were bald and sexy, this conversation might be a lot different. Invisalyin' says that he doesn't like to be in debt and now he owes Clark his life. He offers to buy Clark dinner in Metropolis and take him out on the town. Can we go see Hairspray, too? Clark says that he's fine. "You're hanging out in a barn. Alone. In the middle of nowhere. That doesn't seem too okay to me," Invisalyin' says. He has a point. Clark is won over. He smiles goofily.

Metropolis is bumpin'! We can tell, because party music is playing as we look down at the city. In a ritzy apartment, party people are getting their party on. Clark, in his adult-wear (suit coat and light blue shirt), doesn't even look that out of place. At least until he tries to mingle among the hot and rich. Invisalyin' finds Clark and welcomes him, glad that he "flew the coop." Clark says that he thought they were going out for dinner. You know, a nice soup at Mendy's or something. What's with the party? Invisalyin' says he made a killing the other day with Clark's help. Ha ha ha d'oh. Invisalyin' asks whether Clark wants a mojito. A little brown person? No thanks, says Clark. Clark asks what Invisalyin' does. "I'm a headhunter," he says. He tells Clark that he travels the world hunting down people for jobs. He wants to introduce his date. He touches a woman in a red dress on the shoulder and, OH GOD, MY EYE! Be careful with those things, Lois! Jeez! Now I've got nipple burn! What are those things made of, sandpaper? Man. Lois and Clark are surprised to see each other, even though Lois and Invisalyin' really shouldn't think it's weird at all. Invisalyin' says he couldn't disappear without seeing the girl he met at Clark's house that morning. Clark asks Lois whether he can talk to her for a moment. Invisalyin' excuses himself so they can make badly written banter at each other. At the same time, they both yell, "What are you doing here?" Lois says that she likes this guy, and asks Clark to pretend for once that he doesn't know her. How about we all, as a viewing public, do that? Clark tries to say something, but Lois goes, "No! Grr!" and walks away. I don't think I have to remind you, but that's who Lois Lane is going to be. I know. I'm depressed, too. I don't really know much about Kate Bosworth, but I bet I'll like her better. Invisalyin' returns and puts an arm on Clark, telling him he has to check out the awesome view from the balcony. Clark says he's not crazy about heights. Invisalyin' says it's worth it. Clark, dumb, goes.

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