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Baern Again

Lana in the rare appearance of a bedroom in the Luthor manor. She's working on securing her black shoes to her feet. A key ring nearby has a tag that says LEX III. The keys are being held by Lex, who is standing in front of her. He tells her that he should just give her the car since she doesn't like asking permission to borrow it. Lana, sitting on a bed, says she didn't know she had to ask. Lex says that the car is not a big deal -- sneaking out at midnight bothers him. He has security cameras and a team of guards and nobody told him Lana had left the building? Did she teleport? Lana, acting nonchalant, stands and says there was nothing mysterious; she says she had a late-night craving for ice cream. Because they don't have ice cream in this billion-dollar mansion? "Mocha-mint?" Lex asks. "That's your favorite, right? What's Dr. Grohl's?" Ooh, snap! Lana is busted. Lex asks Lana whether she really thought this wouldn't catch up with her. He says that he doesn't like playing cat-and-mouse games. How about moose and squirrel? "Is it the game you don't like," Lana asks, "or the fact that someone's playing it on your level?" Oh, please, girlfriend. Just because you act sneaky one time doesn't put you at Lex's level. It doesn't even put you on the level of one of Lucy Ricardo's schemes. Lex says he wants the space coaster back now. He adds a "Please" to the demand. Lana just stares. We don't get to see how this argument ends.

Kent Farm. Clark and Raya are racing down the back roads. They both stop near the farm, kicking up leaves as they go. Raya, smiling, says Clark cheated. Clark says that he couldn't let a rookie beat him in the last county. As they walk into the barn, Raya says Jarnelle would have never let him get away with that. Clark gets serious. "What was he like," he asks, "my father?" She says he was brave. And strong. And he had the biggest heart of anyone she's known. You mean the dude that was telling Clark that he has to dominate all the humans and make them his bitches and killed a girl? Yeah, that guy sounds full of warmth. Clark says that's not the Jarnelle he imagined. She says that he was determined to save the Kryptons. She remembers helping build the ship for Clark, and that Jarnelle carefully planned every detail, even Clark's baby blanket. It should have been pink. Raya says she wishes that Jarnelle could see Clark now. Clark turns away. He says that he hasn't been the best son. Raya says that Jarnelle was hard on himself, too. And on her every Tuesday night. Raya says that Jarnelle's only redemption was sending Clark to save Earth. "Save it from what?" Clark asks. She says he's here to save the human race from extinction, that our civilization is going to destroy itself just like Krypton. Bummer. Annoyed, she says, "You should know this. It was part of your training." Do...what? Clark says he hasn't started his training. Oh shit! We're doomed!

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