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The Manchurian Swimfan

Lex shakes hands with people in the group. The blonde steps forward and delivers the wooden line "Samantha Drake -- president of Students for Lex Luthor." She should have studied with "Joe Anybody -- acting coach for WB guest stars." Lex says that he should thank her personally for his spike in the MTV vote. Rock the Vote, dudes! MTV! Woo! Would it kill them to make it or something remotely more relevant? The girl keeps staring and smiling at Lex. He shifts a bit uncomfortably. The assistant gestures that Lex needs to wrap it up. LexFan says she'd be "so psyched" if she could get her picture taken with him. Lex says he'll do anything to keep up morale with the troops. One of the suited dudes smiles like he's going to pass out from the vapors. LexFan asks Lex's assistant to take the picture. Awesome. I'm running a campaign here and you treat me like I'm some random dude at Disney World. Let's see if I can keep the lens cap on here. LexFan wants to get a painting in the background into the photo. She says it's the one Papa Luthor gave Lex when he closed the Metrotech deal. Lex says she sounds like she's done her homework. No, actually she ditched her homework for this and to make her I (Heart) Lex collage. The assistant snaps a photo, and Lex widens his eyes at the bright flash and chuckles. Lex notices that LexFan is wearing a Carrie Bradshaw necklace with the word "Lex" on it. "I used to wear a cross," LexFan says when she catches Lex's eye. He's so much cooler than Jesus. Lex excuses himself to catch a limo. More spontaneous applause.

In the hallway, Lex answers his cell phone. It's Griff Brady. He says that Lex wanted a grenade to throw at the Kent campaign, and that Griff's found an atomic bomb. That would be worse, then. Lex says they're not talking on a secure line. Griff tells Lex to meet him at Rampart and Broadway. Not for the dirt; he wants to see a show. Yay, Aida!

Griff gets out of the phone booth and almost runs right into Papa Luthor, who is standing there waiting patiently. Scary! "Atomic warfare?" Papa Luthor asks smoothly. He asks if that isn't a little strong for local politics. Apparently, Griff didn't notice the town car with its headlights flashing right at the phone booth. Griff pulls out a gun and points it at Papa Luthor. Papa Luthor raises his hands slightly, but uses one of them to reveal the contents of his pocket. It's a big wad of cash. He says he believes that, in the political weapons trade, the deal usually goes to the highest bidder. Griff nods. He hands over a manila envelope without asking how much cash is there. Papa Luthor looks at what's on the single sheet of paper. He takes out a lighter and burns it. Griff is like, "Heeeeey! I downloaded some custom fonts and clip art to put that together! You bastard!" Papa Luthor stares darkly at Griff over the flames. That's a lot of fire for one sheet of paper. Papa Luthor raises his eyebrows hilariously and smiles at Griff.

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